Being a Teenager

 Being a Teenager

Alright so! This is my first blog. So first of all hi all of you :) and this is just a beginning :D

So being a teenager is a whole new level experience for all of us. There's a sudden change in our daily lives. Don't worry, we will still be treated as kids but will be expected to think and act like mature grown ups. So yeah, IT'S NOT AN EASY THING. It's an age when we start acting according to our own will and that's why we also make some wrong decisions because it's THE FIRST TIME FOR US! (There was a survey which I conducted, so whatever graph or information you are gonna see, will be from that survey)

The Field where we are going to make most of the mistakes are-:

1) Emotional    2) Decision Making    3) Study Related    4) Dealing with Parents    5) Dealing with Friends    6) Procrastinating    7) Spending too much time on Phone    8) Wrong use of Social Media    9) Other

So yeah, even we realise that we do mistakes (even if later on). Life is all about that, you make mistakes and then you learn from them, mistakes don’t matter unless you learn something good from them. There are a lot of things which we are going to discuss in the upcoming blogs.

Consider this one as a introduction of what we are going to do together. I will try my best to help you guys to make as least mistakes as you can in your teenage so that you can enjoy a happy and pressure less life ahead and trust me, we will definately bring up a change in this world together. So guys, that's it for today and See ya for now ;)


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