Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

You guys have probably heard terms like alcoholism, drug addicts, ciggarates and many other things which surely aren't good for your health. So the question is why we even consume them even though we know that they are bad for our health. Well the reason is that either we get exposed to the people who recommend these things to us, no one is available to give us directions in our life or some people just try to adapt these habits because they think that they will look cool and will help them in relaxing.

I have a question? Why harm your own health? Let's divide them into broad disadvantages-:

1) Alcohol

- Inflammatory Damage

- Damage to Central Nervous System

- Sugar Levels

- Abnormal Digestive System

- many more

2) Smoking

- Lung diseases

- Heart Diseases

- Diabetes

- Stroke

3) Drugs

- Seizures

- Stroke

- Brain Damage

- Lung Diseases

And many many many more.

So rather than harming your own health by consuming these shit things, why not just enjoy some soft drinks, ice-creams, chips, etc etc. I know some people here will say that alcohol and these types of other things help them to feel less sad and more relaxed but buddy, you are literally letting go of your life and health. Rather than giving your mind a lifeless feeling, why not use it for the purpose it is there, to solve your own problem. Why continue to live in a fake world when you can improve your real one.

I don't see a reason for people to consume these items. Alcohol, it makes you feel sleepy and relaxed? Cigarettes, for making smoke come out your mouth? Drugs, for literally becoming dumb? Yes there are rehabilitation centres to help you leave these harmful things so that you can live rest of your life in a good way but man why rely on the harmful things when there are literally so many other appetizing things in the world. Why governments don't ban them? Because they collect a huge amount of tax from them. Simple.

So, guys the choice is in your hands, either do the right thing or the wrong thing. Let's our best to not get addicted to these things when we grow up. One more thing, if you are the only one who consumes these things, never ever make someone else try them. DON'T TELL SOMEONE TO EVEN TRY THESE THING ONCE because this "once" is the reason that this shit begin.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you guys liked my blog, don't forget to comment how it was. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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