So, before we start with the topic. Let's just divide friends into 4 categories which are-:

1) Friends

2) Best Friends

3) Neutral Friends

4) Fake Friends (Further divides into the ones who want to harm you and the ones who don't)

Alright so, no. 1 & 3 are pretty easy to make because a stranger who has just met you and doesn't know anything about you will never mean you any harm or hate. Remember there's always a reason behind everything and until now that stranger has no reason to hate you.

Things start getting worked out when either you or both of you try to make a effort towards each other and that's gonna result if that person would be a no.2 for you or a no.4.

Making friends is not that much of a difficult task, yeah it may seem difficult initially but once you start putting effort into it, the level of difficulty decreases significantly, then you can make new friends wherever you go. The main difficult task is to figure out if that certain person is fit to be your Best friend or he/she's gonna become your fake friend.

There's literally no way to figure this thing out unless any type of incident takes place. The best thing you can pray for is that, that certain person shows his/her true self as soon as possible. The sooner it will be, the better it will be. It's not like that person wouldn't care for you, he will but just to gain your trust to harm you later on. Once you understand that they are fake JUST LET GO OF THEM ! and only stay neutral to them. Never hate anyone or try to make them your enemy, always be just neutral to them because making them your enemy is just gonna increase your problems and trust me, you shouldn't be looking for any more problems than you are already going to face in your teenage.

Having a best friends is one of the most important gift from the God for you, that's why always care for each other and also keep on fighting with each other too, because those fights are gonna eventually turn into memories. One more important thing, NEVER SHOW ANY TYPE OF EGO IN FRONT OF YOUR BESTFRIEND and no matter what happens never let go of them. Think of them as a blessing to you.

Never try to make someone your bestfriend just because he/she is a popular personality, become best friends when that person is the only one with whom you get that undefinable feeling with and ofcourse, lots of moments of joy, no fear to show your trueself, that feeling of reliability and unless he/she roasts you pretty hard every time :)

I Hope my blog helped you in any kind of sense, don't forget to comment how it was ! Alright then guys, that's it for today, see you in the next blog and see ya for now :D 


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