Hobbies can be defined as a activity to do in free time for one's pleasure like painting, playing, TikToker(FFS STAY AWAY FROM ME), studying, blogging, photographer and many more. Once you get involved in some kind of hobby and start devoting yourself into it constantly, you eventually find a way to enjoy and satisfy yourself and who knows that you master that hobby to such a extent that you become a pro just like me. The main pain though is to find the perfect hobby for yourself.

Everyone is different that's everyone can have their different areas of hobbies and expertise. You aren't supposed to forcefully get into the same hobby as your friend just because he looks cool because of it. Try to figure out your own area of expertise. I would say that give a try to all hobbies for a while and choose the one in which you don't get bored and you really get a chance to use your imagination and you actually develop yourself. Once you choose a hobby (which you really liked at some point of time) there's a pretty good chance that you'll start getting bored doing it but don't give up because you know it's like a phase where most of the people give up and the ones who don't make progress in their lives. That's why no matter what happens, don't give up.

People would find some hobbies cool and some hobbies as waste of time but you aren't supposed to care for them (unless your hobby is really a waste of time). You don't have a job of pleasing people in every moment of your life, this is a lesson every unsuccessful person has to learn because the people who learnt this lesson are already successful. You are supposed to develop yourself and move forward in your life and trust me, most of the people don't want you to move ahead. That's why if you will be getting really good in something they'll try their best to give birth to hate inside your mind regarding that hobby like people don't care how good you do they hate that hobby, etc, etc. So, don't give a fuck about what people want you to do and just do what you like to do.

Having a hobby isn't a normal thing. It's a sign that you are different from the people out there and you have the courage to be different from them, and people out there don't like to see someone different from them.In some cases, even teachers would like to get rid of your hobby and that's why they'll try to demotivate you in every way they can just so you leave that hobby of yours. They won't do it just because they want to but the case might be that you wouldn't be scoring good marks in your class. It's ok to score marks in the midrange but if you go below that, trust me you need to figure out things. 

Devoting yourself completely to the hobby makes sense if it is your profession and you want to pursue it but if you are a kid and you have school and other things to handle, then please try to create a balance between them. Trust me, having a hobby is a really great thing and they really help you develop yourself and have moments of joy, that's why never let go of them.

Alright then guys that's it for today. Don't forget to comment how the blog was, see you in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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