How To Handle Failures

 How To Handle Failures

Everyone is scared of failures in their lives. From my opinion people fear failures more than dying.  Failures are nothing but some steps you have to climb in order to achieve success. You need to learn to accept failures and keep on working, that's what's gonna separate you from rest of the people because most of the people give up after failing once or twice. Try to find a reason for which you love the work you do and then always respect that reason. Don't question something you chose with so much dedication and passion just because you fail in it once, improve so that you can do much better the next time. Just never ever give up.

It's natural to get sad when you fail but in some cases that failure gives more sadness than it should which leads to depression. Depression is much common in age groups of 16-25yrs old, about 12% people are affected by it. Depression isn't just caused due to failures, it can happen because of broken relationships, work pressure, social life and many more other reasons. Handling depression isn't an easy thing to do. According to a study, depression will soon become a reason of suicide for most teenagers. Try to tackle depression by-:

1) Listening to songs

2) Getting good sleep

3) Becoming socially active

4) Suppressing negative thoughts

5) Trying to meditate

6) Sprinting

See, if you are trying to do something amazing, it won't happen in one day but there will be a process according to which it will happen. That process will be full of failures but trust me, in the end you'll find success for sure, no matter what happens just don't lose hope and keep on giving your best and that hard work and dedication will surely pay off. Just believe in yourself and your dreams and never let someone else create a doubt on them. You weren't born to satisfy the people out there. You were born to satisfy yourself.

Don't listen to negative people because they will always try to bring your down because they can't see someone else succeed. Life is a solo game, you play better and do things on your own then no one will be able to cheat you. Trusting someone in today's world is a pretty big gamble. Don't get the wrong idea, there are still a lot of amazing and caring people out there but the problem is that they are less compared to the fake people out there. So, it's gonna be pretty hard to find them but it won't be impossible.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was able to help you out. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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