How to Limit Procrastination

 How To Limit Procrastination

Procrastinating means to delay something and yeah, today's generation is the best example of delaying things. You know what else the irony is??? It's that we delay only the important work and give our 100% to the non-important ones. Procrastination is not a problem only for kids, even the grown-ups are victim to it. We all just try to confirm ourselves that "yeah it's a pretty easy work and I'll do it later." it's like either we are confident or overconfident about ourselves. Even I am fuckin procrastinating while writing this blog. According to me, I don't think we can avoid procrastination but we can just limit the amount of it. Let's first divide procrastination into some types:

1) Procrastination while studying (obviously deserves to be ranked #1)

2) Procrastination while working

3) many more else (like infinity)

I won't define all of them separately because then this won't be a blog anymore, it'll become a novel. I'll just tell you a trick which I think you are gonna like if you try to use it. Let's start-

Procrastination while studying, first thing to come into your mind is..... Mobile. The thing is that our mind loves to be in the comfort zone and studying??? Well it's not a comfort zone for most of us. So our mind just gets like "study later, let's scroll instagram or do any other thing for now. Let's scroll for just 15min and then we start studying at 11:30." Hence we continue to burn up our precious time.

I'll get this straight, never ever set the time for your breaks like 5, 10, 15, 20min, never do that. You know what we generally do? We think that we will start working from let's say 10am, 10:20, 10:35 and like that. Never let the time you are gonna start working have either 0 or 5 in the last digit because most of the time you are going to overrun your break time. Take a situation, you thought of starting the work from 11am and till then you are gonna use your phone or playing game, etc. If you run over the break and the time gets even 11:01am, you are just going to say "oh, nvm I'll start working from 11:05" and this cycle's gonna continue and you'll end up wasting quite a lot of your time.

Always keep the time you are gonna start working around the mid of 0 to 5 like 11:03, 11:04 and etc because your mind always triggers when the multiple of 5 passes, for example- we all like to keep the volume of our T.V or speaker at 10, 15, 20 rather than 11, 12, 17. So I guess that this tip will probably work for most of you and you won’t end up wasting a lot of time because it has been working pretty well for me from quite a time. I hope you all got my point. (Also, making a timetable would help limiting procrastination because you would know what you are supposed to do in that certain period of time.)

 (A tip- don't try to hide your phone while you are studying thinking that it won't distract you, just try to keep it somewhere you can't reach easily because if you would like to use your phone you'll have to make an effort to get it rather than just grabbing it from the table and trust me, you are gonna procrastinate in even making that effort to get your phone. So, who knows? You might end up ignoring the phone and continuing your studies.) Personally, I like to throw my phone across the room to the opposite side and I prefer throwing it rolling rather than spinning it sideways because that way it travels a bit more. 

Got any queries??? Don't procrastinate to post them into the comments and in the say same way I won't procrastinate to answer them :) I hope this blog will help you to limit your procrastination. Alright then guys that's it for today, See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now ;)


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