Idiocy Of Discrimination

 Idiocy Of Discrimination

Today we are going to discuss a very vulnerable topic and that is discrimination on the bases of your caste, religion, race and colour. Before I start, I have a question. WHY TF WE EVEN TEACH THESE THINGS TO CHILDREN, WHY TF SCHOOLS EVEN INTRODUCE THESE TERMS TO THE CHILDREN. IT'S US WHO ARE KEEPING THESE TERMS ALIVE BY PASSING THEM TO OUR YOUNGER GENERATION. SHIT EDUCATION SYSTEM. Why don't we just yeet them out of existence??? What's even the need to teach these things when we don't want them to exist???

 I know we teach them to kids so that they can understand that it’s a wrong thing to do but it’s  just because of our mistake that these terms still continue to thrive in the world. Let's get this straight, who tf are we to judge someone. Let's divide this idiotic discrimination into some major parts-:

1) On the basis of Sex

2) On the basis of Religion

3) On the basis of Caste

4) On the basis of how someone looks

5) On the basis of how someone sounds

There are still many more other things to be taken in consideration and if we do that, this won't be a blog anymore, it'll become a novel, a very long one.

Why do you think these problems even arose? It’s the human nature to talk shit about each other. The truth is that our world is in an unstable equilibrium. When the things are balanced everything is good, the moment we lose even the slightest balance, shit starts happening.

Let's be honest, all of us have once in our lifetime judged someone just because they were different from us and why did we do it? Because we knew we can and we knew on what basis we have to judge them. I'll be honest, even though I try my best to avoid judging someone, I fail and just think of comments on them in my mind. It's very difficult to control it but still I keep on trying.

All of us are going to grow at some point of time, so why not make a promise to each other that we won't teach anything to our kids about these topics and will stop the transfer of this behaviour to the younger generations. Let's just teach them that everyone is equal. Yes, they will figure out the differences in each other on their own but they won't discriminate on each other because we aren’t going to teach them to do so and I think that way we will be able too improve our world even more. Don't get me wrong, our world has improved a lot but has also deterioted a lot. People are finally understanding that to live a beautiful life we need to eradicate these terms from their roots.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was able to bring a change in your thinking. See you in the next blog and see ya for now :)


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