Importance Of Physical Exercising

  Importance Of Physical Exercising

Exercising daily helps people lose weight and also lowers the risk of some diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. In our teenage exercising daily is a big +point because our body is in the growing stage and the way we mould it will be the way it becomes for our future. That's why in your teenage, exercising daily for atleast 45-60min is a must.

The problem is that most of us don't exercise and just keep on filling our bellies and that's why (according to 17% of teenage children comes under the category of obese. I am pretty sure that might also be having some obese friends. I know that we shouldn't call anyone fat or anything due to their different physical appearance but why take a body which looks like a blob when you can have a pretty fit and masculine one. Exercise helps to keep your body at a healthy weight and also helps the body to age well.

Some benefits of physical activities are-

1) Improves memory and brain function

2) Protects against many chronic diseases

3) Well maintained blood pressure and improved health of health

4) Improves quality of sleep

5) Reduces pain and joint stiffness

6) Helps in maintaining weight

7) Maintains muscle strength, bone strength and improves balancing abilities

8) Will help you feel better

No one is asking you to grind like hell in gyms but just keep all your body parts moving and the best way to do that is to get involved in some kind of sport or just play outdoor games with your friends (my personal advice would be to either play badminton or football) rather than rattling yourself on the bed and playing video games all day long. When you are working continuously on something by sitting still, don't forget to give your body a good stretch after every 30-45mins because it will improve the blood flow and will also help you to focus better and keep you going for a longer durations, also try to maintain a good posture while sitting.

Make exercising daily a part of your life and trust me you will thankful and glad that you actually exercised daily and took care of your body when you will grow up. To make it possible, stay active with your friends, motivate parents to exercise daily too, join some yoga classes. Just remember that the main motive is too keep all parts of your body moving in a working conditions rather than letting them stay idle.

Alright then guys that's it for today, don't forget to comment how the blog was, I hope this blog would've been helpful to you. See you in the next blog and see ya for now :)


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