"Live", you might be wondering that it's a pretty dumb topic, obviously whosoever would be reading this blog would probably be a living person. The way someone lives differs from person to person. Some live for money, some for love, some for food and many more reasons but most of the people don't have a specific reason to live and that's why they don't get passion to live everyday. Every single day in everyone's life is an important one because you are going to learn something new and are going to make new memories.

My personal mindset is that everyone should have a definite and fixed aim, for what they are going to work hard and make that aim true. Most of the people just live to get a job, have a marriage and that's it. I mean like why??? Get a strong reason to live, LIVE FOR THAT REASON!!! Why not do something beneficial for the humanity. Find out a problem and solve it. You will get fame, everyone will love you, so why not???

If the problem is a really big and it's gonna take a very long time then why not pass it to your future generations, transfer that knowledge to kids and then let them continue the work for you and the cycle continues. It's the effort which makes thing possible and not only idea. You gotta come out of your comfort zone to get achievements. Get an aim to live everyday. Make goals for shorter terms and complete them. Use your teenage and vast imagination to understand and figure out things and then act.

Trust me guys, I know that it is going to very hard but once you get going, there's nothing which can stop you. You don't fail until you quit because if you keep on trying a day is gonna come surely when you will succeed. Don't think that we live once and then die, think that we live everyday and die just once. LIVE THAT EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOURS!!!

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope that my blog would be helpful for you. See you guys in the next blog and see ya for now :)


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