The mood swings and stress you experience as you go through your teenage can shapes your brain to determine the person you are growing to become when you grow up. Personality is defined as the characteristics sets of behaviour, cognitions and emotional patterns that evolve from biological and environmental factors. In short, it's just a combination of your qualities and characteristics you have. Think of personality as a pretty important aspect of one's life because you are going to get treated in the world according to your personality.

Teenage years are the times of rapid change. We adapt new habits, we leave some habits, we start to understand how things work, etc, etc. You become a completely different person than you were after your teenage and you still continue to change with time as you face different situations. The type of the environment you grow in is gonna define you.

The behaviour of people towards you is gonna change, you'll be treated differently. Your parents are going to see us becoming less nice day by day, I am pretty sure you guys agree with me on this statement. Teenage is a pretty stressful phase for everyone of us to go through, we are going to face situations that we haven't ever faced before and the way we react to them is gonna affect our adulthood. It's just like the choices games we play, the choices we make in our teenage are going to affect our future.

In our teenage we are treated as a kid but are expected to act like a grown up. Everything is new for us. Most of the school do organise personality development programmes but I don't think most of them are that much of worth. Personality is something which totally depends on you, only you can mould it the way you want to, not someone else. 

We focus on passing in exams, teaching facts to children, social media, etc, etc that we forget to give the required attention to our personality and other traits. It's not easy to develop a positive personality out of the box nor can we mould our personalities that much easily. It's a pretty difficult process but not impossible. One thing, if you want to change yourself and want to become better and successful, LET GO OF YOUR EGO, I know it's almost impossible to let go of our ego because we are going to show ego in that too. Just trust me, Let go of your ego and see yourself improving. Simple as that. Peer pressure, academic pressure and many other more factors also affect our personality development. 

I would say that, be the person you want to others to be, behave with people the same way you want them to behave with you and then you'll learn that what things are you lacking in yourself and then start improving on them. Your personality is a pretty important aspect of yourself that's why work hard on it, as hard as you can and try to improve it every single day because nothing is perfect and there's always a room for improvement.

Alright so guys that's it for today's blog, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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