Reasons For Getting Angry & Sad

 Reasons For Getting Angry & Sad

Anger Management and Sadness are really broad topics and depend on the situation you are into. So this blog is just going to be a type of general discussion about that. Someone can be Angry due to a reason and on the other hand someone can be Sad due to the exact same reason but just because he might be facing it in a different situation or scenario. Let's first discuss why do you even get Angry or Sad. So is it because-:

1)  Someone didn't act the way you wanted them to

2) People disagree with you most of the time

3) People don't treat you in the right way

4) Your Parents don't try to completely listen to you and understand what you have to say

5) Your Teachers demotivate you and say that you won't be able to acheive anything

6) Bullying, Treating you like a dumb kid

7) Too much study pressure

8) Too less Entertainment & Fun in your daily life

9) Not able to maintain a balance between no. 7 & no. 8

10) LITERALLY ALL OF THEM and other issues too


Alright so let's first try to get over with this friendship pain because having good friends is a pretty important aspect of life. So guys listen to me carefully, you cannot control someone to act according to your own will. You cannot control their feelings for you, that completely depends on that certain person. No matter how much you care about that other person, but if he doesn't like you then trust me, you can't do anything.

Yeah we all do understand that, it's very difficult to let someone go, someone you've liked and cared about your whole life and they didn't even give attention to your feelings for them. Yeah it hurts, and it hurts badly. If you have tried n-number of times and still he/she doesn't care for you??? JUST LET GO. Because there might be better people waiting for you out there. But remember when things have finally changed, you have got good friends, etc, etc, NEVER HATE THEM. Yeah they did give you a lot of pain and tears but still never hate them because you were different from them.

I guess that very much clears the doubts regarding friendship and don't worry, I will be making one topic for Teenage Relationships too in the next blog because people don't understand what is the true meaning of having a relationship with someone, what's the meaning of loving someone and many more things. If you've still got doubts, feel free to comment, and I will try my best to solve your problem.


Alright so, NO Doubt, Your Parents care a lot about you. But parents are too of different kinds. Like-:

1) They care too much about you and keep a look on literally everything you do (and yeah it's a bit annoying tbh)

2) They understand you and allow you to enjoy freedom in necessary situations, so that you can grow up and learn to make decisions

3) They literally don't give a f*** on whatever you do (it's a bit hilarious and also wrong)

So, to be honest the 2nd category of parents is the best one, they will care about you, they will help you out in difficult situation but will let you enjoy your freedom.

Let's get this straight- Most of the parents will always try to understand the depth of your heart, feelings, emotions, love and all that stuff and that's a perfect environment to grow in but there are exceptions too. Some parents won't try that much hard to understand you that much hard and will probably won't give too much attention to what you've been doing the whole day or till now. They think that whatever they say is correct and should be followed by you.

Now that's a bad sign, because no matter how much potential you had, if you weren't raised in the correct way in your childhood, all that potential is gonna be wasted. So there are two ways to tackle this problem:-

1) Do whatever shit you have to do to increase their interest with you and try to get involved with them

2) Become a self-learner without getting distracted to the trash present in the outside world

I'll be honest, Trash present in this world>>>Good things present in the world. There's literally too much trash in this world(tiktok) than are good things available. So, 2nd option is gonna be a tough one but that's the only way if things aren't working out that much good between you and them. I will try to make a blog on the topic "How we Kids want our parents to be" so you will just handover that blog to your parents to let them read it and then if they might want to make any changes in it they will just type that in the comments. That way, who knows if we create the best way to raise children and how to behave to them :D


A school is your second home and the teachers are your second parents. Mostly the kind of teaching you get in the school is the kind of person you are going to grow into. I hope that makes sense to you. So, let's first classify the teachers, the type of which-:

1) Will only care about how you perform in the exams

2) Will genuinly care about the students and makes teaching fun

3) Will first try to create a bond with students

4) Will be a bit strict with students but will also care about them a lot

5) Will be toooo much strict

6) The Eternal Demotivator (just gets too much angry but still cares about you)

7) Will Hate you (But there will always be some reason behind it)

The treatment you get in the school is the behaviour you're gonna carry to your home and the treatment you get at home is the behaviour you are gonna carry to your school. In short, it's all dependent on each other. One factor will never define you but a group of factors will define you and will result in what type of treatment you will get.

Do comment how this blog was guys and Next Blog will probably be on teenage relationships. Alright so guys, That's it for today, See ya for now :)


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