Teenage Fights

 Teenage Fights

In teenage remember, that you are going to get into a lot of trouble and difficult situations like peer pressure, demotivating people, fake friends, bullies, work load, less or no source of joy, etc, etc. I'll make blogs on all of them to how to deal with those situations but today we'll be discussing about teenage fights.

Teenage trouble is a really vast topic, most of the elder people tell us it's nothing that much of a big deal, but the truth is that it is. Maybe with time they've forgot all that hustle, sudden change in the everyday life of us, shifting our crying location from in front of everyone to bathroom and many more changes. Getting used to something new is a pretty difficult task and that's what we have to master to be successful in this world. Ahh........ let's get back to the main topic.

Alright so no matter how much you care for others, how good works you do, there will always be your haters. They will try their best to oppose you in most of the situations or just put simply, you are going to get a lot people in your life who are going to disagree with you and eventually, that disagreement turns into a kind of fight. By default, no one would like to make enemies but it's human nature to pull down people who've been achieving heights. Personally, I would suggest that never ever make enemies, just try to be neutral with them but if they really cross their limits, SMACKETH THERE ASSES, just joking don't do that. If you try your best to keep the situation under control then there won't be any problem.

All they gonna do is to point out mistakes in whatever you do so, why not use them to improve ourselves. I do agree that sometimes they really get on the nerves by crossing there limits, then do whatever you think is correct because it's possible that I haven't been in your situation but I would still like to say again, Try Your Best To Ignore Them because they are just some shitheads, they don't have any quality in them so they try to demotivate the others who do. Never be the first one to hit somebody, yeah if they hit you first then get a tripod, set a camera, start recording and kick their ass out.

I'll show you what do I mean by being neutral to those shitheads:

1) They say hi to you= you also wave your hand and say to them (if they make any joke at that moment either laugh a bit or just ignore and continue whatever you were doing.)

2) You get some idea and share with your friends and they say it's useless= ignore and don't say anything (if you can beat them easily then say thanks, if you can't then just keep quiet)

3) If they hit you randomly= just give a smile or just say 'NO' to them. If they still continue then try to stay away from them or if you can handle them just grab them on the spot.

4) They keep on making jokes on you= (i) if everyone laughs then ignore (ii) if only they are laughing then ask them kindly to stop that's it.

5) If they try to harm you while playing any sports= either try to stay away but if they are literally touching your whole body then again try peacefully to get to a different spot, IF STILL they are getting on the nerves then try to smack them in the sneakiest way possible according to the sport you are playing.

If you are suffering from any different kind of situation then comment it below and I'll try my best to tell you on how to deal with them and again, always try to make friends and not enemies. If you can't handle them then JUST STAY NEUTRAL.

I understand that it's not that much easy to ignore someone who constantly shit talks about you behind your back but it's best to just ignore them rather than getting into an assault. I will again say, TRY YOUR BEST TO NOT MAKE ANY ENEMIES because you have work to do, things to learn and a life to enjoy. Those shitheads don't deserve your expensive time and attention. That's why focus on the important things rather than on the useless things.

I hope this blog was helpful to you fellas, Alright then guys that's it for today, see you in the next blog and See ya For Now :)


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