Teenage Relationships

 Teenage Relationships

Having a relationships is one of the most hyped up things in teenagers these days. Being in a relationship is considered one of the topmost achievement by them. Don't get the wrong idea, if you truly love someone then it's fine to be in a relationship with that person. If someone is valuing you, never ignore them, Never. You don’t like them is a different thing but at least don’t ignore the feelings they have for you, tell them to just stay as a friend and trust if they truly cared for you, they will surely understand. That’s always stay by their side atleast as a friend :)

If that person was the right one for you, then you both are going to bring the best out of each other. 

The problem is that today's generation doesn't understand the meaning of true love, to shorten it down, a boy sees a beautiful girl or I should say, a hot girl because that girl is only having a good face who knows if she's really good by heart because you just started liking her by seeing her and vice-versa. Yeah, love on sight is a thing but just try to understand the meaning of what I am saying.

You didn't try to understand her mindset, behaviour, feelings, way of acting to situations, etc, etc. You just saw her and went mad....... I conducted a survey in which I asked questions related about teenage and other things, it had a question in which is asked "What do you think about teenage relationships?" and I received an amazing reply (and that line is INDEED TRUE FOR THE CURRENT TEENAGE GENERATION)

meh, never was in one but looking at the relationships all I can see are attention seeking kids who only manage to stay together for 2 days. It’s hilarious.

And I do support this statement because it's the truth. I am not saying that's it is valid in all situations, I am saying that it's the truth of most of the situations. Yeah there's no problem to like someone because he/she is very popular among people but there's a huge difference between liking someone and having a relationship with someone. THESE TEENS LITERALLY post pictures with other and share them on social media and once things start getting bad, they'll just do a breakup and then delete all those pics from social media. WTF DOES THIS ALL MEAN???

Few days ago you were literally bragging about each other that you'll stay together with each other till the end of your lives. WTF HAPPENED NOW??? I don't know what type of trend is going on these days where you fill water in your bottle and label it as love, caring, hotness, etc, etc and then make a video "How god made my BF/GF", like OH GOD, I am so done seeing that shit. Might as well label one bottle as "after how much time he/she is gonna break up with me" and add 2-3 drops of water in it.

I will do say, true love does exist in teenage but again that's not the case for as much as around 95% teenage relationships.  Most of them will end after 2-3 months of bragging about each other in front of friends.

I do support true love, if you both really like each other, understand each and care for each other very well then don't listen to the world and always stay together. I myself pray that you always stay together till eternity but only if you love each other truly and commit to each other.

So in the end I would like to say, STOP FAKING UP SHIT unless you understand the meaning of true love and staying till the end with each other. STOP trying to get into relationship just because you want attention and want to look cool in front of your friend, get into one when you think that you are ready and truly understand feelings of each other. Once you really start liking and understand each other, never ever under no circumstances let him/her go. If you really like someone by heart don’t let them leave you so easily :)

Also (Boys stop being so weak in front of girls ffs, I hope you get my point)

I hope that I was able to help you through this blog. Don't forget to comment ANY type of doubt you have and I will try my best to help you. Ohk then, See ya for now fellas and I will meet you in the next blog :)


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