Being a Leader

 Being A Leader

Leadership can be defined as an act of leading. Though it's difficult to define leadership because it means different meanings to different people. The overall definition of leadership can be defined as, it is a process of influence which maximises the efforts of others which automatically improves and increases the output towards the achievement of goal. 

 Don't think of leadership as a position. Think of it more as a role and a duty. A leader is supposed to understand his/her teammates and then bring out the best in them. Once someone becomes a leader, he/she has to think of others as a family. You share your failures together and then enjoy your success together too. 

A leader is supposed to have good management skills so that he can manage his/her teammates. Someone doesn't become a leader by himself. A leader is never self-made. A leader is always chosen. Being a good leader means being open to new ideas, possibilities, perspectives and understanding that there's no "right" way to do things. Everyone is different in this world and that's why everyone has a different mindset. Leaders must listen, observe, think and then always should be ready to change the course for achieving the goal whenever necessary.

Qualities of Effective Leaders are:-

1) They are self-aware and prioritize personal development.

2) They focus on developing others

3) They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, imagination, action and open mindedness

4) They practice effective communicational skills

5) They take care of their teammates because they are like a family for them

6) They are good influencers

7) They have a vision and try to become an inspiration for others

8) They are a bit flexible

9) They are dependable and stay updated

10) They always appreciate good work and imagination

11) They are honest

12) They don't have any ego

13) Never ever procrastinate

14) They have vast knowledge

15) They are always positive

16) They know how to control emotions

17) They always keep on improving

18) They focus on productivity and development

19) They know how to deal with pressure

A good leader possesses many other different skills too. It's not always about becoming as good as someone but it's actually about being able to find the good in yourself and then keep on improving yourself.

As well as providing inspiration, direction, guidance and strength, good leaders also exhibit courage, confidence, commitment and ambition.  Have your own skill-set. Have something unique in yourself which only you possess in the entire world. Try to find that uniqueness in yourself and once you somehow manage to find it, work on it and improve yourself. Life is all about being happy and unique. If you do something unique, you get recognition by people. Simple. Find your area of expertise and find your uniqueness on personal level and then work on it. Once you improve yourself and manage to become a good human being, trust me, you're good to go on this journey called life, otherwise it is going to be a bit tough and boring.

Alright then guys that's that it for today, I hope my blog was helpful for you. I'll see you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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