All of us love to play games. Whether they are physical games or video games. We get filled with joy the moment we hear the word game. Everyone has their preference on what type of game they like, some might like indoor games, outdoor games or some might entirely be into video games. Everyone is free to choose whatever they like to play.

Mostly 'Gaming' is related to video games though. Video games have been becoming a lot popular lately. With the advancement in science and technology, game developing has become easier which allows to game developers to enhance their games even further to make them more realistic and fun to play. Most joyful games are the multiplayer ones because you get to play together with your friends, and you also get to know people around the world if you play randomly.

Well everyone of us loves to play games and will easily prioritise games over studies if we are allowed to but did you ever thought why? Most of you will say that it's because games are fun to play and studies aren't fun to do and yeah, I hate to study.

Like for real, it's so fun to play games because they are so interesting and you can try many different tricks in it and choose the one which suits you the best but in studies you are made to follow a strict path, in most of the cases you aren't allowed to have a different approach to things which eventually leads for studies to become nothing more than rot-learning.

In games if you lose, you get to keep on trying again and again, after which you certainly succeed and also get rewards but in real life you fail once, everyone loses their hope on you and shit talks about you. People just judge you on your first try. Yeah, it's appreciable to achieve something on a first try but what's the problem if the other guy learns to do that certain thing on the second try? It obviously does means that the other guy is a good learner and grasps on things quickly to adapt himself accordingly. But the society just demotivates them so much that they don't want to try again. People say that life is also a game. I do agree with this statement but I don't know what to specifically say on it.

Yeah people are gonna demotivate you, there's no stopping in that, you gotta learn to ignore them because they aren't going to stop and you don't want yourself to stop. Negative mind is useless, it won't be able to figure out things and will just keep on overthinking. Everyone of us needs to understand that we live in this world for ourselves and not for the other people. Also, internet for sure is quite a lovely place but it's dangerous too. Learn to healthily navigate on the internet and always be careful about what you are sharing on the internet.

Gaming helps to improve your reflexes, problem solving skills, imagination, thinking and so many other things. Yeah, there are disadvantages to it too like behavioural change like becoming short tempered and toxic, addicted, bad effects on eyesight due to continuous gaming, no physical exercise and many more. It all depends on how we play, how much we play, what we play. Gaming for 3-4hrs/day is fine if you are really into it. Not to forget that there is ESPORTS too now, who knows you become the next champion and you start working as a gamer for teams.

Just don't forget the criteria of prioritization, which most of us do after getting addicted into games. Keep things balanced. Be socially active too. Keep on exercising too to keep your body fit because you're gonna play games all day sitting in that one chair. Maintain a good posture too. Don't let the addiction of games weaken the bonds with your loved ones. Yeah gaming is a lot fun to do but remember that there are other countless things to enjoy too in the outside world. Learn to manage time. Just enjoy your life, make memories with your loved ones and try to be regretless.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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