How To Change Yourself

 How To Change Yourself

Let's first agree that all of us have tried to change ourselves for atleast once in our lifetimes. It might've been due to some kind of situation or just self-awareness and there's a pretty high chance that we failed to do so. What is actually meant by changing ourselves? I think it just means to change our habits so that it brings a change in our daily life too. 

Is changing yourself an easy thing to do? I don't think so. It's a quite difficult and long term process. It's not that much easy to change the habits we've been following from ever since we were a kid or from a long time.  It's not impossible but you'll have to devote yourself and your time to do so. You'll get thoughts that you are failing to change your habits which will lead you to give up. You've gotta fight that feeling and stay focused on your goal because good things take time to happen.

How can you actually try to change yourself:-

1) Love yourself

2) Set realistic goals

3) Try to figure who you are by seeing yourself from the outside world

4) Surround yourself with people who always speak the truth

5) Figure out what habits you actually should change

6) Practice everyday

7) Think a bit deep and make self-affirmations

8) Visualize the change you are aiming for

9) Improve your mindset

10) Stay positive and don't let negativity take over you

11) No matter what happens never give up

Once again I'll say that changing ourselves is a really difficult task unless you actually want to do it. Devote yourself. I guess it's pretty obvious that we try to change ourselves in order to get successful. That's why visualize that success of yours if you actually manage to change yourself, work hard on it and you'll be successful one day for sure.

Step out of your comfort zone and yes you read it right, STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. It's not easy to be successful because if it was then majority of us would have just worked hard for a bit and then would be enjoying luxurious life. From my point of view, being a bit greedy for money is a good thing unless your money thoughts start to harm your social and emotional life. Don't let money break the love bonds. 

No matter what anyone says, money is one of the most important thing required to enjoy our life in today's world. Be imaginative and keep on thinking of new ideas. After that try to make them practical. Try to improve on your failures. Keep on trying and one day for sure you'll achieve what you aimed for. No money or less money means you suffer. Simple. 

Everyone can have their specific reason for which they want to change themselves. We are no one to judge someone. Always remember that there's always a reason behind everything. Someone might want to change themselves in order to become successful, due to a breakup, due to loss of a loved one, etc, etc.

You can try to change yourself whenever you like to but still I think that teenage is the best time to try to change your habits because you are quite free and have a lot of time in this period of your life. Make good use of this time and expose yourself to the outside world and adapt whatever good things you see. This time won't ever come back. That's why start hustling so that you don't regret your decisions later in life.

Just believe in yourself. Keep on loving yourself and your loved ones. Step out of your comfort zone. Work hard. Try your best to build-up interest in things of your everyday life so that you don't get bored for doing those things over and over again. Stay fit and healthy. Socialize and enjoy with friends, have moments of joy. Early success is a scam. Good things take time to happen that's why no matter what happens, never ever give up, trust yourself and keep on living your life everyday. We live everyday but we die only once. Make that everyday of your life worth it. Just remember that things won't happen unless you'll want them to happen.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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