How To Treat Animals

 How To Treat Animals

Who are Animals? They are just living organisms like us. We humans are animals too but do we get treated like them? Obviously not. We sue people directly to the court if they treat us in a wrong way but can animals sue humans to some kind of court if they treat them badly? Just because someone can't talk doesn't mean that we get the right to treat them in whatever way we want.

Poachers and animal hunters are a different case because they do it for money, that greed of money destroys humanity in them but what about normal people. Take a simple example of pets. Most of us treat our pets with utmost care and love, we do whatever we can for them. Obviously there are cases in which the pets are harassed even by their owners but in most of the cases they are loved quite well because we start to think of them as a part of our family. 

But do we think of the street animals as a part of family? I guess a 'nope' from most of you. Even though I myself care a lot about them from my inside and want to see them happy but in reality I fail to do that much for them. Reason being, I am scared of them. I am being true to myself. What if they bite me or harm me? That's the reason most of the people have in their minds.

Some street animals are actually very sensitive if a human approaches them because that's how they grow. People hurt animals for fun and then they laugh. Most of the animals get a bad image of humans and think that they are approaching to hurt them. You are wrong if you think that they don't understand what we do. They have emotions too. In response to which, they obviously attack. You tell me yourself, if a certain person always hurts us, don't we try to stay away from them and if they reach even closer we react by either attacking them or running. That's what the case is with street animals.

Most of the people consider themselves as animal lovers just because they bought a pet and they care for them. Animal lovers, well the term 'animal' wasn't introduced just for your pet. So atleast don't consider yourself as an animal lover just because you love your own pet, call yourself a pet lover. In reality every living organism should be treated in a good way.

As I said, some street animals actually become dangerous, in this case we gotta do something to prevent them from harming us. The method we use to get rid of them depends on the situation. Now the things I am going to write can be a bit debatable and controversial. Please forgive me if something I write doesn't matches your mindset.

All street animals aren't the same. Yes, some are good but some are dangerous too. For example, if a street dog bites someone (for a certain reason), all the people around will start hating dogs and will obviously hit them or something if they try to get near to them just because of the fear that it can bite or harm them too. Yeah, obviously we should not take the wrong steps to deal with them but sometimes it becomes more like forcefully.

Some animal lovers defend animals in these types of cases too and yes, they have the right to keep their point of view, but you can't just totally deny the point of the other person. What if after some time that street dog attacks a kid or something? Will you be responsible for it? That other person too has some reason to do what he is doing at that moment. I've seen quite a lot videos in which these animal lovers just go all out on the person who was maybe trying to hurt animals. Yeah it's appreciable to fight for their right but judge that animal on what deed they did. There's a difference between a normal human being and a criminal. That street animal did something which was harmful for those people there, that's why the situation took place. Listen to both sides and talk calmly. Don't just go full volume because you want to. 

In the end I would like to say that 'life' is an infinitely valuable thing. No one has the right to make someone's life worse. I repeat NO ONE. Treat everyone equally and kindly. Think before you act. Animals deserve to be treated equally, no doubt in that, but if they harm someone or become a threat to someone, they should be taken care of without any doubt in the right way and not in the wrong way. I hope y'all understand what I am trying to say here. Everyone should get what they deserve.

Yes they have emotions too, they deserve to be loved too, they deserve to be taken care of too, they deserve to live freely and enjoy their lives too.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful for you and if you any complaints or queries, you can either contact me from sidebar of homepage of the website or just simply comment here. See you guys in the blog and See ya for now :) 


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