How To Treat People

 How To Treat People

There's a certain way with which we treat people. We treat the people we already know differently than the people who are new to us. Ever thought how you actually react when you meet someone new? Some people get shy, some are well-disciplined and some are very extrovert. Which one are you from the above given terms? Or you are something different? Lemme know in the comments.

The way you judge people defines your personality, let it be the people you already know and new people you meet. You have to treat everyone equally, that's what we are being taught from our school but do we actually treat everyone equally? Ever thought about it?

Do you treat random people on the streets or poor people the same way you would treat a film-star? I hope for a 'nope' from literally all of you. Even I am unable to do so. The whole world is trying to not judge and treat people according to their caste, religion, race, gender and colour. HOLD UP, the very first example about how the world fails to do so is that girls get a LOT more attention than boys, FAKE FEMINISTS. (jk)

Now, do you think that you don't judge people according to their colour, gender, religion, race and caste? I mean like, the first impression we get of someone is their face. No matter how much we try to make ourselves believe that we don't judge anyone according the way they look, we are always going to include their face in our data of their first impression. I mean yeah, people are changing and they've started to understand the importance of treating everyone equally, which is an amazing thing but still we are in the early phase of this revolution.

In other cases, we try to make ourselves superior than the other person to satisfy ourselves. It's because we love to feel better ourselves. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing to feel better about ourselves but this is the wrong way to do so. We do so because we lack self-acceptance and self-love. We gotta love ourselves the way we truly are. You can read my blog on Self Love & Self Importance too to get a bit of idea what I feel about it. If we can understand and learn the true meaning of self-love, we won't be so judgmental towards other people. We weren't taught self-love in our schools which is something very sad after understanding how much of an important thing it is. If you actually understand the meaning of true love and you manage to apply it in your daily life, trust me, you are an amazing and a unique person. Cherish yourself.

Never be rude, arrogant or show attitude to someone because that makes a very bad image of you in front of those certain people and the ones around you. You start to get hate. Don't treat someone like they are inferior to you in anything like money, fame, studies, etc, etc. Always treat everyone with full respect. Keep yourself in their place and think, would you like if someone treats you the same way in which you are treating others? Do you actually want to be treated in that way? 

Try to understand the meaning of this world. An egalitarian is a person who treats everyone equally (brrrrr........). Now back to the point. Don't always try to judge people, take it easy, treat all of them equally just in the way you would like to be treated by others. A person who treats others in a bad way is never loved but the person who treats everyone with love and care is always loved. Try to be the good guy and not the bad one.

Spread love and not hate. All of us are humans. If we don't treat others equally who else do we suppose will? Love yourself and the others. Care for everyone. Hate and bad thoughts towards someone won't ever bring anything good to you. As I said, try to be the person who is loved by everyone and not hated by anyone, there's no harm in trying to do so. This is the only life we have, love it, make friends, make memories with your loved ones and always stay happy and keep others happy. Try to share your happiness with others because in that way it will only keep on increasing. Life is an infinitely valuable thing, that's why we have no right to spoil someone's moments of life. Understand the true meaning of what life actually is. Improve yourself. Stay positive, keep your emotions alive and never ever give up.

We can bring a change in this world together if we want to. Together we can anything and I mean it. That's why try to change yourself first and then help others to change so that we can improve this world and make it a better place to live. 

Alright then guys that's it for today's blog, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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