All of are fond of music and we really love it. I don't think we would be able to imagine a life without music, atleast I won't be. We all know what music is but can we really define it in words??? Umm.... I don't think so (lol). So basically music is just an art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. It is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human societies. 

Alright so music has infinite number of benefits but let's look at the most common ones-:

1) It elevates mood

2) It reduces stress

3) It helps us to improve our concentration

4) It helps to cure depression to some extent

5) Keeps us happy

6) Helps in enhancing memories

7) Provides comfort

8) Helps to calm ourselves

9) Improves overall mental health

10) and many many many more benefits

For me music is one of the most important things in my life, like for real. I don't imagine myself to be anywhere if music wasn't there to my rescue. I know it's bad to depend this much on something but no matter what happens, I can't live without music. It has become a precious part of my life. 

Music is beneficial to everyone in their own ways and everyone also has their own taste. Music has so much emotions in it. Some might like calming music, some might like fast music, it differs from person to person. Everyone is different in this world and that's why everyone's choice in music will obviously be different.

When I was a kid (which I still am) I used to think that why these singers get so much attention from people, like people actually freak out when they see them. Now I kinda get the idea that if someone is actually making amazing music he/she deserves that attention and love because they are literally helping people have moments of joy by listening to their songs in such a harsh world of ours. Music gives hope to all of us. Music gives so much relief and power to our souls so that we can fight back the sadness, stress and pain of our daily lives. Life isn't easy at all to live without any pain. As they say, No Pain, No Gain.

In the end I would like to say that I think that music is one of the most important discovery by humans. We must learn the way to get the most out of music. We must learn to harness the positivity of music as efficiently as we can. I don't think there's anyone in this world who hates music but if someone does hate. Then my buddy, you gotta reconsider your decision. 

I'll also share the link of my spotify liked music playlist because I love to share the music I love with everyone. Don't start on me if you don't like a song in my playlist because I will again say that it's personal preference for everyone. I just want music to make everyone happy, the same way it made me. Music is a form of hapiness and joy which we should share with everyone, that's why you guys can also comment your favourite music, I'll listen to it :)

Here's my spotify playlist- Click here

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys soon in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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