Overthinking means to think about something more than we are supposed to. Sometimes it is harmful to analyse something more than it is required to. Overthinking is like regretting on the decisions which you've already made, like I could've done that, I could've done it that way, etc, etc. Overthinking results in wasting our precious time on something which could've been completed already in a less period of time without any regret. Someway or the other overthinking also affects our mental health which is obviously not a good thing. 

I won't say that our society mostly comprises of either overthinkers or underthinkers.  According to me both of them are present equally in our society. Though the truth is that everyone overthinks from time to time. Most of the people don't get time to relax their brains because of overthinking because their brain is thinking 24/7. As I said, overthinking affects your mental health and more the mental health declines more it becomes tempting to overthink on everything. 

Actually from my point of view, overthinking can be either positive or negative. The amount of time you are spending in deep thoughts doesn’t really matter if you are actually learning from previous behaviour and coming up with creative solutions to help yourself, then it is productive. But if you just overthinking about the situation and not really trying to figure out a way to help yourself then trust me, that's useless overthinking, you are literally wasting your precious time. Try to get your shit together for your own betterment.

Wanna find if you are overthinking or not??? Here you go-:

1) You can't stop worrying about things.

2) You constantly keep on thinking about the mistakes you did in your past.

3) You regret the decisions you've already made.

4) You can't keep you brain clear and it always keeps on thinking about something.

5) Crying about the future 

6) and many more other things

To be honest, yes, I think all of us are overthinkers but teenage is the time when we don't care that much about something and we just do it with the flow. We are fearless in our teenage because we have just started to get used to the freedom we are getting. Yeah we do start getting mature with time but that’s after we start facing harsh and true situations of this world which forces us to change ourselves, the moment we start to learn about our feeling of freedom is the time most of us are truly fearless. We don't spend that much time thinking about something we want to do, if we want to do it we just do it. Well this is wrong too, we gotta atleast think a bit about both the short term and long term consequences of that certain think we are going to do. That's the perfect way to do something, always analyse your surroundings and then react according to it.

The way we are raised plays a quite important role in what type of person we are going to grow into. I would like to say that it's not 100% to overthink about certain things. It's okay to cry because of emotions because that's the true way to live a life. Love yourself, care for yourself, understand who you truly are and never ever give up in your life. Surely good things are going to take time to happen but trust me my fellas, they'll surely happen to all of you, just don't give up and keep on moving forward in your life. Yes there are quite many ways to stop overthinking but I would like you guys to deal with it yourself, yeah in some cases the condition gets so much worse that you have to get some kind of therapy but if you can deal with it yourself then trust me, it's an amazing achievement. Trust me it won't be that much tough if you actually want to improve yourself. Just try to give a thought on it while listening to some smooth calming songs or whatever you like. Life is an infinitely valuable thing that's why don't let yours go in vain.

Do healthy thinking about things rather than overthinking about them. That way you'll get one step closer to the aim of your life.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog would be helpful to you, together we can bring a change in this world of ours but this "together" is important for it to happen. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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