Self Love & Self Importance

 Self Love & Self Importance

Love has a very deep meaning. Did you ever thought what love actually means? All of us were taught in our childhood that love means to care about someone and when you like to stay with that person but most of us were never taught that we can love ourselves too. Love is always referred to someone and not to ourselves, that's the way we were taught about it.

Most of us weren't taught that you can love yourself, care about yourself, spend time with yourself, try to understand yourself and many more other things. We spend our time letting others to decide our worth and value, who are they to decide our worth in the world? It's us who decides that. You are in this world to live for yourself. Yes I know that it's good to care for others and you should do that too but your first priority should be to first stable yourself. What's the point of showing emotions for others when you don't have emotions for yourself. I will say this again that yeah, it's a really good to care for others, value them and help them in their hard times. You should always be ready to help others once you have completed helping yourself.

Fake people are present everywhere in this world and there are really less ones who genuinely care for others. Most of the people just want good things to happen to them only and not to others, there are very less people other than your parents who are going to support you. That's why it's well said that life is a DIY project. You gotta do everything on your own.

Most of the people in the world don’t give a shit about what you are going through, what's happening to you, are you happy or sad and things like that. They just want the output from you. To be more precise I should say that people only care about you if they are getting some output from you, otherwise you don't exist for them. 

Yes it's pretty rude and harsh but guys this is the sad truth about this world of ours. Our world is becoming less and less social with each day passing. It's pretty hard to find those true people who are really going to care about you. That's why rather than trusting others, get your shit together and trust yourself, believe yourself, work for yourself, know your worth and never ever give up, no matter what happens, never ever give up. Keep on crying and no one's gonna care about you, the moment you start smiling is the moment people start caring about you or I should say that they start getting jealous of you. Most of us humans can't see someone else getting successful in their lives and try to bring them down.

Trust me guys, this world is a pretty harsh place, don't trust anyone without any proof, the number of good people in this world is decreasing day by day. Stay safe and love yourself because in the end you are going to be alone with yourself and it's only you who can help yourself. No one can help you unless you want to help yourself.

I will say this again guys, this world isn't some type of heaven or wonderland, this world is shit and harsh, yes there are good people too present here, but their number is quite less. That's why trust yourself only, don't rely on others. Keep exercising daily to keep yourself fit. Don't depend on others. Start doing things on your own. Start hustling and keep on moving ahead in your life because this beautiful life of ours is going to end someday just like this blog you are reading right now. It's pretty sad we, the ones we care about are going to die someday. We can't do anything about it because it's the rule of nature. That's why value yourself too and try to live as much as possible of a regretless life as you can. Love and care for yourself and others too and yes if all of us swear today to change ourselves, then we can change the world too and make it a better to place to live. Trust me guys, we can do anything together, it's just a matter of if we really want to do it or not.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :) 


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