Sorrow Of Loss

 Sorrow Of Loss

Sorrow is a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others. In short, it's a feeling of deep sadness or regret. It's an emotion, feeling or sentiment. It might be either long term or short term, depends on what was the value of that certain thing you lost. It is like a response to your loss like you know, every reaction has an opposite and equal reaction. It takes away your will to enjoy things. You just stay sad thinking about your losses everyday. You start to get less socialized and try to isolate yourself from others.

There are various reason for which someone might go through this phase, like:

1) Loss of loved ones

2) Loss of friendship 

3) Some physical injury

4) Bad grades in exams

5) Loss of something with which you made memories

6) Not able to fulfill your dream

7) Feeling of regret on some old decisions

8) Death

9) many more other

Sorrow, grief and sadness are somewhat the same thing. They are your natural response to some kind of loss. 

Everyone in this world is unique in his own way, everyone has a different personality, mindset, different way of approach to things, faith, taste and many other things. There are a lot of factors which makes a person a person and those are the factors which decide who we truly are. Feeling of losing something precious to ourselves differs from person to person because everyone has a different criteria to value things. For example, imagine if a kid loses his favourite toy, he's obviously gonna cry a lot because for him that toy was more valuable than anything because it was the thing which provided him joy but if some grown up were to lose something like a toy they'll just buy another one in most of the cases without any sadness.

When we grow up our area of interest starts diverting itself into more money related matters. All of us loves money right? And why? Because if we have money we can buy anything. To be honest all these quotes I see which say that "Money is not important", I am like, WTF. I don't know why people try to comfort themselves by thinking that money is not important in this world. Yeah I do get it that it isn't the most important thing but still it is important. You can mostly do anything in the world with money. More discussion on this topic in a different blog later.

Well it's like money somewhat kills most of the emotions in yourself because you can get that same thing again and again. If something is available to you everytime, you start to lose your emotions towards it. You know, it's like you start to get bored of it, that's why money is a bit harmful thing if not handled carefully.

In extreme cases that sadness can also lead to suicidal thoughts in our mind because we start to think, why not end this pain just by dying. Ohk, you will end your pain but what about the pain you are going to give to your loved ones? They are gonna break into pieces. Yeah in some cases suiciding will do look like a better thing to do but it's such a coward thing to do. You suicide because you couldn't handle things? Come on man, you still have a life left, do something, keep on trying, something will surely happen which will help you to release that sorrowness and grief in your heart. Don't let it consume you, fight it.

Make friends, socialise with people, eat different things, try out new hobbies, make yourself busy and it'll surely help you to some extent. Don't ever think of losing your life, it is a very valuable thing. Yeah it hurts a lot, you'll cry a lot, you'll be a lot sad but in the end you still have time to improve. So why not improve ourselves rather than finishing ourself. It's just a matter of if you really want to do it or not. If you once just somehow make your mind to do a certain thing, even if it takes time it'll surely happen. 

That's why guys love yourself. Don't give your remote control to someone else. Be who you are and follow the motive of your life. Enjoy your life. Anger, sadness, etc, etc are all controllable things which you yourself should be the only person to control for yourself. It's quite hard to get over the loss of something we loved like crazy and had true feelings for but in the end we gotta move on because that's what life is.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog would be helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :) 


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