Take A Break

 Take A Break

A break is a period of time when a person takes their time off from the work they were doing. Most of the people think that they'll be more productive and will be able to finish their work quickly if you they keep on doing it continously. Well that's not the case most of the time.

Taking a break might sound like wasting that precious times of your and decreasing your productivity but actually it's one of the best ways to increase your productivity. You gain focus and energy after stepping away from your work area. Breaks can help prevent an unproductive mindset. 

When working on something complex or when thinking that you have too much to do, we try to convince ourselves that we don't have time to take a break but breaks have shown a positive relation with wellbeing and productivity. By taking regular short breaks you actually boost your performance.

Well breaks are not only to be taken while working, breaks can be taken from everyday life, big holidays, to spend time with yourself, from social life, while studying, etc,etc. Studies have found that breaks help us to reduce stress, helps to maintain performance throughout the day and reduces the need of a long recovery time at the end of the day. Everyone fails in their life before they achieve success, no one is born successful but they become successful. That's why if you fail just set your T=0 and start again and keep on trying again and again and someday you will surely achieve your goal.

Relaxing and social breaks are beneficial too. A relaxing break is meant to relax your body and mind by either going on a holiday or staying in a quiet and calm environment which helps your psychical functional system to return to the baseline of stress by promoting positivity to your mind. Social breaks to go and meet up with friends have also been found to be beneficial because social interactions help you to share your experiences with others which makes you happy and you also get to make some memories of joy with your loved ones.

Set up a certain break time between your work or whatever you do of like 5-10 min of break after 35-40 min of work, it all depends on the person and that specific work. That's why break time may differ from person to person. Always keep a limit on your breaks, don't take them more then the limit set because than it leads to procrastination. Learn to control yourself. 

It's great to take breaks whenever your body gets tired of doing the same thing over and over again to keep it active. Try to get the most out of those breaks. Be smart and productive and always remember that it is actually important to give rest to your body and mind time to time. It's important to give rest to your body. Keep on hustling everyday. Love and take care of yourself. Keep on spreading positivity and No Matter What Happens, Never Ever Give Up.

(This blog was a bit short because I have already covered most of the topics related to it like Overthinking, Isolation, Memories, etc,etc. So go ahead and read them too for the best experience)

Alright then guys that's it for today's blog, I hope this blog was helpful to you. See you guys soon in the blog and See ya for now :)


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