The End

 The End

Alright so guys, we've come a long journey (the ones who actually read my blog). Well for others, this is going to be our last blog on the topic of teenagers. So, let's get started. 

We've covered so many topics regarding teenage till now. You can check out all of them on our website Mystotics . So now let's take an overview of all those topics we've done and then end the topic of teenage here.

So guys you're gonna witness various moments in your life, you'll comeover many difficult situations and you'll obviously also have various moments of joy in your life. In short, it's gonna be a tough and difficult but a beautiful journey. Once you finish this beautiful journey of teenage of yours, you're gonna look back to feel how far you've actually come in your life. Just imagine the time you were literally a kid who had to do nothing but just enjoy his/her time. 

As time kept passing, you grew up and started to get a basic taste of responsibilities and not to mention that you're going to keep getting spammed with different responsibilities as long as you are in this world. There are so many factors which are going to determine that what type of a person we become in our life. You are going to have so many regrets about the decisions you've made in your life.

Not to mention that how badly you are going to miss your school life. Guys trust me, enjoy your school life to the fullest, this time isn't going to come back. I am not saying that stop studying and just go full enjoy mode, maintain a balance between them. I am not gonna tell you to find joy in studying because oh god, that was impossible for me to do.

Well before I start messing up things, here's the list of some blogs which I think you should read, they'll be worth it-:

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You are obviously welcomed to read my other blogs on teenage too but I guess these ones are the important ones and will actually be worth your time. There are total 29 blogs covered by me on Teenage.

Now let's get back to our topic

What do you think we are, how we are, where we are, etc, etc. Do these types of questions come into your mind? Well they come in mine and they make me very sad. We've covered all these things in our previous blogs, so I am not going to repeat them here and bore you (those who are new here, go read my blogs smh you people)

Alright so, let's end this blog on a note,

Everyone who is reading this blog, we can never ever understand the true value of life. Be happy for who you are in this world. Love yourself, the people around you, spend time with everyone. Have great friends. Make memories with yourself and your loved ones. Yeah, it's true that obviously you'll make some mistakes in your life but as long as you keep on learning from those mistakes you'll be good. Try to find joy in your everyday life. Try to find a balance between joy and work and choose the one which works the best for you. Keep on hustling because even if it takes time, that hard work will surely pay off someday and you'll be glad that you didn't stop and kept on working hard. Remember that failures are just a part of the road which leads to success. Keep on spreading love. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Value your time. Be productive and keep on gaining knowledge and use it for the betterment of humanity and world. Keep on listening to songs. Stay creative and imaginative. Keep on moving forward in your life and always value emotions because that's the true way to enjoy and live a life.

Always remember that life is going to be the most valuable asset you are ever going to own that's why take care of it. Try to find who you truly are and what actually is the motive of your life is.

How fast time passes right? What we were and what we are now. I feel like I started writing blogs just yesterday but here we are at the end of one of my topics. A month has passed already. To be honest I don't even feel days anymore, I only feel weeks. Pretty sad right? Don't forget to read the blogs I have mentioned above though.

Alright then guys, this is the end of my blogs on the topic of teenage. Thank you to everyone of you who stayed with me on this journey. I will decide the topic for the next topic for blogs soon. You guys can comment your suggestions for the topics, I'll surely take a look on them. See ya guys :)


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