Why Do Children Hate Studying

Why Do Children Hate Studying

Alright so most of us know that children hate studying. Ever thought why we hate studies but love games. What's the difference between them? Humans usually hate the learning process which we face in schools and colleges where we have to repeatedly learn the same thing again and again in a really boring manner.  In short most of us waste around 20 years of our lives doing something in which we don't have interest at all.

I mean obviously studying is important for our future and I don't think that there's that much to change in studies. The thing which needs to be changed is the way we are being taught. I mean the way we are taught in schools is actually boring unless the student has some pre-developed interest in that certain subject, for others it's just a headache and a thing they are supposed to do forcefully. We start to take studying as a negative feature of our daily lives. 

The only things which gives us a reason to go to school are our friends and fun activities because I don't find any interest in our routine study schedules, procedures and the way we are taught. Like yeah, some teachers actually show interest in teaching to students and make the process of studying beautiful and interesting for us. The thing is that the number of these types of teachers is quite low right now. 

Another reason is the Lack of Understanding of the Importance of Learning. Most of the students don't even that why are they supposed to study at all. When this happens, they think that studying is a non-important thing and in the worst case if forced, they might end up hating the entire study process. We should clearly make the students understand the true importance of learning and not just tell them that you study to get a job for earning money and then get married. 

There's so much competition in schools and colleges which acts like another reason for students to hate studies and take it as a burden on themselves. Like literally, you get judged for your capability to rot learn because for most of the part you are just supposed to rot learn things. It's not the right thing to judge everyone on same basis. Some people excel in different fields in which the other's don't. That's why devoting a bit of our time to find the area of our expertise and interest won't bring any harm.

In short, rather than wasting our about 20 years just blindly studying, schools should help us to identify our area of expertise and help us improve ourselves as a better human being and also teaching these usual subjects side by side in an interesting manner and giving us some extra sports periods too. Don't you think that this way will be actually better than today's educational system? Today's education system is more like a burden rather than an interesting way to interact with children and teach them how to be a good human being.

That's all I have to say on this topic. Obviously studying is important but teachers should give in a little bit of effort to make it interesting for us. Children are the future of humanity. We should be taught to love and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We should be taught to spread love instead of hate. I should just say that we MUST be taught the way to make the most out of our lives and also enjoy it as much as we can without having any regrets. No matter what happens, never ever give up because you don't fail unless you quit. Keep on trying again and again and one day you'll surely reach your aim.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you liked my blog. I'll see you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :) 


  1. indian education system is far more chu***a than i thought , country like ours can never achieve great heights in medical sciences , engineering and research , we must change the system

    1. Umm....... I understand what you are trying to say but the thing is that most of the people just migrate to other developed countries like USA because there they get far more opportnities than they get in India, that's the main problem.


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