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Morning & Night

  Morning & Night For some people morning refers to time around 5 am and for some it refers to time around 9am, right? Night usually ends around 2-3am for some. Everyone of us have their own definitions of what we refer morning and night as. Everyone is different in this world that's why it is totally fine. Some like to wake up early and some like to sleep late. I mean both of them have their pros and cons and I personally too prefer the night. Working in late night, everything totally quiet, no disturbances or distractions from outside. Privacy is literally top-notch. But from quite a while I am trying to shift to the morning time. I love to go for early morning cycling around 5:30am and it's a pretty amazing experience. It's like you get to feel you freedom, your whole body and soul relaxes in some kind of different body. I mean you won't be having infinite stamina, you'll obviously run out of breath but you will actually enjoy that feeling. Around that time t


  Hatred There's always a person or a thing we hate right? I don't think there's anyone in the world who doesn't hate anyone. Hate resides even in the heart of good people because they hate bad things. Hate is universal, I don't think that there's even a single organism alive who doesn't have hate inside the heart. Even the animals, bugs and insects hate their predators. But do we all even know what hate actually is? Hate is an emotion, emotion of dislike, disgust, revenge and many other negative terms. Hate is negativity and I guess probably all of us know that negativity isn't a good thing for us. A study was done which later found out that habits of prolonged negative thinking diminishes the abilities of our brain to think, reason, react and form memories. Frequent negative thinking creates neural pathways in our brain which encourages sadness which begins to make us even sadder. As you all might know that when we are sad or when we are occupied hatin


  Anime So in my personal opinion Animes are amazing, though it also depends on which anime you are watching. So now what the term 'Anime' actually means. Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. In actual Japanese, anime is used to describe all animated work regardless of style and origin. However, for the outside people anime refers to Japanese animations. I'll get it clear for the people who don't know what anime is, anime isn't some kind of dumb cartoon. Don't ever call anime as a cartoon.  Anime is not cartoon because the character design and character sketches are well detailed. Anime sketches look as human and natural as possible in most of the cases. They are very close to reality. Everything in anime tries to follow realism. The motion of physics, chemistry, etc, etc. Don't get me wrong, there obviously are fantasies in anime but what I am trying to say is that things make sense according to their respective anime verse. Pe


  Ignorance Alright so, everyone of us has faced ignorance in our lives. We can get ignored by our loved ones, strangers and friends. Ignorance doesn't only mean to get ignored by someone. We literally use ignorance in our everyday life. According to Google ignorance means lack of knowledge or information. Though it can also be defined as an act of avoiding which I guess is a more suitable meaning for it. Like I said ignorance isn't only from person to person. We ignore so many things in our daily life too. For example, imagine your room is gathering dust everyday, do you clean it every single day or you choose to clean it when it has increased a lot. Obviously we wait for it to reach a certain amount to clean it. It's like if the judgement of our mind orders us to ignore that there's dust until it reaches a certain amount. Now this judgement too varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Everyone is different in this world. Everyone has a different m


  Depression I think if not everyone then most of us have faced depression at some point in our lives. Don't you agree? Life isn't smooth for anyone. A time comes in everyone's life where he/she gets consumed by depression. Well let's first try to understand what depression actually is. Depression is a common but a serious medical condition that negatively affects how you feel, act and think about your daily life things. Basically it makes you find out the negativity in literally everything and then proceeds to make you sad thinking about it. You start to lose your interest from your own life and that's pretty severe. What do you think 'losing interest from your own life' would lead a person to? First it will start to make you sad. Then that sadness will keep on growing bigger and bigger with time making you even sadder. Everything starts to hurt you in someway or the other. You start to feel a lot of pain inside you because you don't let go of it. That

Why Do Online Classes Suck?

  Why Do Online Classes Suck??? Do I even need to justify this topic? I don't think there's any need to do so but still I will. So, online classes are literally a nightmare for students currently. We don't understand a thing in online classes. Someone is sleeping, someone is scrolling social media and someone is just doing time-pass, there's cheating going on in the exams and the main reason I think this is happening because there's no direct interaction with teacher in an online class.  In actual physical offline classes our teachers know what we are doing. They know how everyone is and how much they are understanding things. Let's first have some points on why do online classes suck-: 1) No direct interaction with the teacher 2) Students don't pay attention in class 3) No physical contact with friends while studying 4) No confirmation on if the student is understanding the topic or not 5) Only 3-4 students respond to the teacher and the class just proceeds