I think if not everyone then most of us have faced depression at some point in our lives. Don't you agree? Life isn't smooth for anyone. A time comes in everyone's life where he/she gets consumed by depression. Well let's first try to understand what depression actually is. Depression is a common but a serious medical condition that negatively affects how you feel, act and think about your daily life things. Basically it makes you find out the negativity in literally everything and then proceeds to make you sad thinking about it. You start to lose your interest from your own life and that's pretty severe.

What do you think 'losing interest from your own life' would lead a person to? First it will start to make you sad. Then that sadness will keep on growing bigger and bigger with time making you even sadder. Everything starts to hurt you in someway or the other. You start to feel a lot of pain inside you because you don't let go of it. That pain keeps on growing because of your isolation and eventually, your mind comes up with an idea to free yourself from this evergrowing pain and most of the time that idea is to ... ... ... end your life.

Suicide seems like the most obvious option in most of the cases to end that pain. If not suicide then depression leads you to do something wrong. The main problem with depression is that it makes you to start overthinking about everything and even while overthinking you only focus on the negative aspects of those things. Positivity and hope dies the moment you let depression consume you. Negativity becomes an addiction for you. Everything feels like game over for you. Your life becomes worthless for you.

 It's not that much tough to fight depression in its initial stage and I would even like to say that if you somehow manage to get depression and then also manage to get out of it in its initial stage then it's an amazing part of knowledge because it makes you see the other side of human life. It's like getting a whole lot of experience about what negativity actually feels like and what it can do. I won't recommend anyone of you to actually just go ahead and intentionally adopt depression. I am just sharing my point of view. That's how I feel about it. It's like that depression can also give you a positive side-affect. You get to feel the power of negativity and learn that how dangerous it is.

Well how do you even get depression in the first place? It might be because of-:

1) Your daily life problems

2) Conflicts

3) Death or loss of a loved one

4) Some kind of major event

5) Any kind of abuse

6) Demotivation

7) Pressure due to a certain something

8) & many other reasons

The main reason why depression starts to consume you is isolation. Depression makes you to stay in isolation so that you don't stop with the overthinking process. If you meet up with people you stop overthinking at that certain time and you can even get some moments of joy and positive lovely memories which starts to fade away those negative thoughts caused because of depression. It's like you start to delete the progress made by depression till now. That's why you gotta find joy in your daily life because then depression probably won't be able  to take you over.

Just try to control what you think inside your mind. Set a limit. Don't try to always go negative with your mindset, learn to understand the positivity too. The day you actually understand the true meaning and feeling of positivity is the day you get one step closer to your goal and success. Trust me, it matters a lot. The way you observe things, the way you feel them, they way you think about them and the way you react to them. All of this matters a lot more than you can ever think my friends.

It's best to fight depression and defeat it on your own. Yeah, there are some cases too where depression takes over the person to such an extent that he/she must consult someone professional and take some kind of therapy. If anytime you feel like that the situation is getting out of your hand then never feel shy to consult to someone. It's alright to take someone's help, not that much of a big deal. After all, we all are humans. If we won't love and help each other then who will? Also, always stay ready to help someone in need of it. If you want people to treat you with love and care then you too gotta treat them with love and care. Having the right knowledge and feeling of positivity and negativity is a huge power and responsibility in its own way.

Suicide isn't an option to end your pain because even if you are ending your pain but you are literally giving pain to your loved ones. Do you think that they'll be happy by losing you? Obviously no. That's why learn to tackle and control situations rather than just leaving and running away from them. You can't run forever. Someday or the other you gotta face them, that's keep on upgrading yourself for the future. No one knows what your future brings, it all depends on your actions and you.

In the end I would like to say that all of us only have one life. We cry in it, we laugh in it, we love in it, we lose in it and also we win in it too. It's a freakin complete package which just depends on the decisions you make and how you apply them in your life. Don't forget to love who you are, love yourself and your loved ones. Take care of everyone. It's good to be good, isn't it? Make a lottt of memories with the people you love and care about, don't forget to have those lovely moments of joy! Have a bucket list and complete it. It's good to have dreams and what's even more amazing is to even achieve those dreams. Stay positive and throw negativity in your nearest dustbin. Don't care about what people say, just do it for yourself and not for others. No matter what happens, never ever give up on yourself. Keep your emotions alive.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys soon in the next blog and See ya for now :)


  1. Avoid stopping an antidepressant without first consulting your doctor. Although physical dependence—a separate condition from addiction—can occasionally happen with antidepressants, they are not thought to be addictive. Abruptly stopping medication or skipping several doses might result in withdrawal-like symptoms, and discontinuing soon can exacerbate depression. To safely and gradually reduce your dosage, consult your doctor.

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