There's always a person or a thing we hate right? I don't think there's anyone in the world who doesn't hate anyone. Hate resides even in the heart of good people because they hate bad things. Hate is universal, I don't think that there's even a single organism alive who doesn't have hate inside the heart. Even the animals, bugs and insects hate their predators. But do we all even know what hate actually is? Hate is an emotion, emotion of dislike, disgust, revenge and many other negative terms. Hate is negativity and I guess probably all of us know that negativity isn't a good thing for us.

A study was done which later found out that habits of prolonged negative thinking diminishes the abilities of our brain to think, reason, react and form memories. Frequent negative thinking creates neural pathways in our brain which encourages sadness which begins to make us even sadder.

As you all might know that when we are sad or when we are occupied hating someone we don't do anything else other than thinking about them. Which means our productivity takes a toll and yeah that's a pretty dangerous thing in today's world. Productivity means everything in today's age. That's why don't let hate consume yourself. Yeah, it's beneficial to understand the true meaning of negativity and the dark side of human behaviour but don't let it takeover you.

Even hate has its own different variations. Ever thought about it? Like, for example, we say hateful things to someone due to a certain situation or some reason but it doesn't actually mean that we hate that person. It was just an instantaneous response and sometimes people still take it seriously and proceed to show hate towards that certain person. I'll try to define types of hate now, I hope you guys understand. Types of hate are-:

1) Instantaneous Hate or more like just a burst of anger- It happens when someone does a thing which we don't like or is annoying us. It's just a type of denial shown by us which means that the other person needs to stop whatever work he is doing. 

For example- A kid is crying in front of us which is obviously disturbing and then we shout on him/her to make that child stop crying. It doesn't mean that we hate that certain child. We just wanted him/her to stop disturbing us. Still some people misunderstand it and starts to hate that person as a hater and the bonds start to degrade between them.

2) Actual hate- Having hateful thoughts for someone due to a certain reason. I hope you already know what I mean by actual hate. It is that genuine hate which we think of whenever we listen the word 'hate' from anywhere.

For example- You did some pretty hard work with someone and in the end when you actually finished it and it was the time for both of you to collect the praises, the other guy removes your name from project and shows that he completed the work on his own. He gets everything and you are now just empty handed. Trust me, it hurts badly. You did all the work and someone else came in, took it and now is showing that certain work as his own. I think it actually makes sense to hate that person now and I guess this hate becomes a long term one. Everything depends on the situation, so I am no one to say what you should do.

3) Friendly Hate- This type of hate is actually very complex. It either lasts a lot longer or it just ends quite soon. It can happen due to some kind of misunderstanding or because of an actual reason but because that other person is a good friend of yours, the outcome can vary. Only if you are actual good friends and actually care about each other. 

No matter how much of a serious fight you might have but if that person is your actual friend and you actually care about each other then you won't be able to stay away from each other for a long time. You will eventually come together again. Friendship and Trust are the strongest emotional strength in the world, it just depends on how you use them. 

Always value the people who value you. Never ignore them.

4) Jealousy which transforms into hate- There's no need to define this one. It's just like you might be jealous of success of a certain person. You are actually jealous of the success of that person but in the end after you consumed by that jealous you end up building hate inside yourself towards that certain someone. 

5) Hate towards other things like everyday work, insects, etc, etc. Basically hate towards things which you don't like at all but they aren't humans. 

There are still a lot different kinds of hate present in this world which we will cover later. 

I don't know if I should say that hating someone or something is a bad thing. I mean it's just a personal emotion we have for someone. The only thing which is wrong is to let that hate consume you or trying to make others too hate that certain someone or something. As I said, hate is a personal emotion that's why we shouldn't try to make it public or force others too to hate.

In the end I would like to say that our life is too short to understand everything present in this world. That's why try to take a feel of as many things as you can rather than wasting this precious times of yours. There are more things in the world to take a feel of and the world is vaster than you can ever imagine. Try to make friends rather than making enemies. Love and take care of your loved ones and always be available for them. Have a lot of moments of joy with your loved ones and also make as many memories as you can with them. Time passed never comes back. That's why try to make it worth as you can in the first time itself because that moment is never going to come back the same as it was. No matter what happens, never ever give up and keep on working hard on the things you love.

Your life is the most valuable asset you are ever going to own.

Alright then guys that's it for today's blog, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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