Alright so, everyone of us has faced ignorance in our lives. We can get ignored by our loved ones, strangers and friends. Ignorance doesn't only mean to get ignored by someone. We literally use ignorance in our everyday life. According to Google ignorance means lack of knowledge or information. Though it can also be defined as an act of avoiding which I guess is a more suitable meaning for it.

Like I said ignorance isn't only from person to person. We ignore so many things in our daily life too. For example, imagine your room is gathering dust everyday, do you clean it every single day or you choose to clean it when it has increased a lot. Obviously we wait for it to reach a certain amount to clean it. It's like if the judgement of our mind orders us to ignore that there's dust until it reaches a certain amount.

Now this judgement too varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Everyone is different in this world. Everyone has a different mindset and that judgement depends on that mindset. Different brains would give different judgements in a same situation. Ignorance is vast. There are some things which we are supposed to ignore but we don't.

It's like that we ignore the things we aren't supposed to but proceed to learn about the things which we should ignore. Like, knowledge about certain things is good. Having a lot of knowledge makes you curious about how much more is actually left to be discovered. It also allows us to tackle our problems and makes our imagination and creative thinking to improve. 

But in today's world people love to stay updated about all things even if they are irrelevant for them. It's like we waste our precious time in knowing something that's irrelevant for us but we could've used that time to learn or do something relevant to us. I know that life isn't always about working hard or hustling everytime. Yeah, it's great to have fun and sometimes do things which don't make any sense at all but are fun. That's what life is, we get to learn things in our own way. No one should be forced about how he/she is supposed to live their life. It should completely be the choice of that certain being.

Knowing too much makes our thought process a lot selective because we start to process whatever information we have gained about that certain thing which we are going to do and not to mention most of that information is negative because that's what human mind is attracted to. Some people actually show more interest in negative happenings than positive things happening. That's why sometimes it's good to ignore things rather than involving yourself in them.

In the end I would like to stay that learn to make the right use of ignorance. Don't use it in the negative way and never let it hinder your positive things. All of us only has a single life which we are currently living. Make it worth it. Love yourself and your loved ones and make a lot of memories with them. Have moments of joy everyday and live your life the way you want to, don't let someone else play with your life. Spread love and take care of everyone. Stay emotional and learn to value your emotions and others emotions too. Never let negativity consume you. No matter what happens, never ever give up.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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