Morning & Night

 Morning & Night

For some people morning refers to time around 5 am and for some it refers to time around 9am, right? Night usually ends around 2-3am for some. Everyone of us have their own definitions of what we refer morning and night as. Everyone is different in this world that's why it is totally fine. Some like to wake up early and some like to sleep late.

I mean both of them have their pros and cons and I personally too prefer the night. Working in late night, everything totally quiet, no disturbances or distractions from outside. Privacy is literally top-notch. But from quite a while I am trying to shift to the morning time. I love to go for early morning cycling around 5:30am and it's a pretty amazing experience. It's like you get to feel you freedom, your whole body and soul relaxes in some kind of different body. I mean you won't be having infinite stamina, you'll obviously run out of breath but you will actually enjoy that feeling.

Around that time the brightness and saturation of light is very close to perfect. It's very soothing to the eyes, the wind is amazing too, birds chirping etc, etc. There are many other factors that make this early morning experience enjoyable. Not to mention you get extra hours for your day. Yeah, you do get these extra hours if you stay up late in the night but these morning hours are something different. It's like they give you extra time to get yourself for the hectic work coming up ahead in the day. 

It's just like morning hours provide you a wider arsenal of choices than night hours.

Think about it, 

In Morning- you are getting extra hours in the beginning of the day which means that you've just woke up. Your mind is refreshed, there are no previous thoughts going on, you are fresh and your body has rested well and is ready for the day ahead.

In Night- you are getting extra hours in the end of the day which means you are pretty messed up after the day you've had. Your body wants to rest, your mind is thinking about the things which have happened till now. You are not actually refreshed.

I won't actually recommend people to change their schedules because if a certain thing is working perfectly for you then I am no one to ask you to change it. If working late night works for you then it's good and if working early morning works for you then it's good too. 

Well now the choice rests upon you. Either choose early morning or late night (or just smacketh your sleep and work 24/7)

Enjoy your time because it isn't going to come back. Work too and enjoy too. Make many memories with your loved ones, keep your body completely fit, have fun and keep on living.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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