Why Do Online Classes Suck?

 Why Do Online Classes Suck???

Do I even need to justify this topic? I don't think there's any need to do so but still I will. So, online classes are literally a nightmare for students currently. We don't understand a thing in online classes. Someone is sleeping, someone is scrolling social media and someone is just doing time-pass, there's cheating going on in the exams and the main reason I think this is happening because there's no direct interaction with teacher in an online class. 

In actual physical offline classes our teachers know what we are doing. They know how everyone is and how much they are understanding things. Let's first have some points on why do online classes suck-:

1) No direct interaction with the teacher

2) Students don't pay attention in class

3) No physical contact with friends while studying

4) No confirmation on if the student is understanding the topic or not

5) Only 3-4 students respond to the teacher and the class just proceeds without any response from the rest of the students

6) There's no bond between the students and the teacher

7) You lose the track of what's happening in the class even if you get distracted for a second and then you don't have any friend to tell you what's happening and the rest of the just goes blank.

8) Laziness to study because of being in the comfort zone of our houses

9) No source of fun and recreation, hence no motivation to study everyday

10) No sports periods and moments of joy with friends 

11) etc, etc

There are many other reasons too. I myself am in FIITJEE and I'll be honest, I don't understand shit in their online classes. It's not like I don't want to or I don't try. It's just I don't. I literally just waste 3 hours of my life in their online classes. There are only 4-5 students in my whole batch who I think do understand what they are being taught. Rest like me are just there to show our magnificent presence in the attendance. It's truly sad.

Well, what do I do after wasting my time in the luxurious FIITJEE classes? I GO TO YOUTUBE! I literally understand all the topics there. I just have to do a bit of hard work and I understand everything they teach. Huge thanks to Physicswallah on YouTube. Just because of you sir I am able to manage my studies, otherwise my game would've been over quite a lot while ago. Thank you very much to you again. But wait! Isn't YouTube an online platform too? Aren't they online classes too? 

Then why don't I understand a shit in my FIITJEE online classes but I proceed to understand literally everything from YouTube. Well that's because they know that we are going to study from them on a platform where we don't have any contact each other that's why they use a different style to teach us. Where on the other hand our teachers aren't prepared to do so and nor are we to study everything online. 

Online classes would've been a different case if we were being taught in them from the beginning but you can't just expect someone to study from them after they've been studying in the offline way for 10+ years nor can you expect a teacher to be perfect in doing so. Once again, I'll be honest, I regret being in FIITJEE. It might've been a different case in offline classes but in the case of online classes, it's just currently useless for me. Don't know what the case is for others. I think I should write a blog on coaching institutes too, noice idea.

Though, considering the case of YouTube, we should say that not all online classes suck. It all depends on the way you are being taught in the class, whether it is online or offline. There are some ways which I think can improve our experience in online classes-:

1) If possible, teacher should teach on a blackboard so that we can see his face and in this way the teachers too can teach in their usual way.

2) Teachers should interact in general with all the students with their cameras on. Just general talks and a bit of talks about how studying and life is going. They should motivate students in a joyful way.

3) 1 online classes shouldn't last for more than 45mins because more than that just makes it a bit boring. Or if the class lasts longer, we should get a break of 10-15min in between the class.

4) Students too should try to interact in online classes so that the teacher feels encouraged and doesn't feel left out. 

5) No negative comments should be passed to anyone in these tough times because everyone is already a lot depressed in these hard times. That's why we should try to suggest things to each other in a positive way.

I know these ways are a lottt weird but I think they'll actually work if implemented in the right way. Perfectly balanced.

All of us are lonely. No one to talk. No playing, only studying. Everyday depressed in this isolation of ours. Overthinking about things and making ourselves even sadder. To be honest, I don't even feel days anymore, I only feel weeks. That too only because anime episodes are weekly. Only anime and music is keeping me alive in these hard times.

In the end I would like to say that yes, these are the tough times in which teachers are forced to teach like this and students are forced to study like this. Everyone is facing difficulties in some way or the other. Everyone's gotta adapt a bit to make things work. We students are losing precious time of our school life. Let's join together to follow all the rules regarding Covid and end it as soon as we can so that we can enjoy whatever school life is left for us. School life is a precious gem, the value of which we only understand when it ends. Stay safe guys. Love yourself, your loved ones or I should say, Love everyone. Take care of each other. Try to find joy in whatever you do in your daily life. No matter what happens, never ever give up.

Feel free to share this with your friends because in the future all of us are going to remember this time of online classes. Don't forget to comment how things are going for you.

Alright then guys that's it for today's blog, I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


  1. A great blog and great line of thoughts. The writer really empathizes with the current situation going on with teachers and the students. A brilliant way to put your thoughts and I personally love your blogs

    Regards from,
    ~One of your fans ;)

    1. Thank you very much :) You made me emotional smhhhhhh!!!

  2. A blog with descriptions with current teaching situation. I really feel in online platform students losses their real crush of education. Well done Mickel, and best of luck.

    1. Yes, online classes are making me too lose interest in studies. Studying isn't fun anymore. It's just like that we are forced to do it. Thank you very much for your wishes :)


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