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Indian Education System

Indian Education System Alright so, I don't think that there’s even a need to prove the topic of this article. So as we all know that most of the students in India or I should say most of the students in the world hate studying, with India being the epicenter. On the first hand, I don’t think anyone likes to study, it’s like that we are mostly forced to study or we are supposed to study.  We study various topics in schools and colleges that don’t even serve a purpose in our daily lives. It’s just that we are supposed to study those topics, copy them in your mind and then paste them in the exam. We are judged for the marks we get in that exam afterwards. So basically we are being judged on our capacity to remember things rather than our intelligence. Don’t get me wrong here I am not saying that we are only supposed to remember everything, it’s just that most of the part comprises of remembering the things. In our schools studying is a topmost priority and I totally agree with it but