Indian Education System

Indian Education System

Alright so, I don't think that there’s even a need to prove the topic of this article. So as we all know that most of the students in India or I should say most of the students in the world hate studying, with India being the epicenter. On the first hand, I don’t think anyone likes to study, it’s like that we are mostly forced to study or we are supposed to study. 

We study various topics in schools and colleges that don’t even serve a purpose in our daily lives. It’s just that we are supposed to study those topics, copy them in your mind and then paste them in the exam. We are judged for the marks we get in that exam afterwards. So basically we are being judged on our capacity to remember things rather than our intelligence. Don’t get me wrong here I am not saying that we are only supposed to remember everything, it’s just that most of the part comprises of remembering the things.

In our schools studying is a topmost priority and I totally agree with it but we are also supposed to enjoy our childhood. In Indian schools it’s a very common sight to see a math's teacher or another subject teacher to just take away our sports period. For us, at that age, it was very disheartening. It just made us hate that specific subject teacher.

School is a place where students go in the hope to develop themselves and enhance their natural skills. Schools should focus more on making the children realize Their area of expertise And further help them do develop themselves. That’s what we supposed schools are for but are they really helping the child realize his/her strong skills or are they just teaching them how to remember things.

Things change with time, technology changed with time, basically everything changed with time but did our education system change. I don’t think so. The same things we studied earlier are taught to the students today. Our education system lacks the ability to develop the interest of students in study. It makes them feel That studies are a burden and not something interesting. 

Most of the teachers don't even devote themselves to teaching the students. It's just a source for them to earn money. They don't work to make the topics interesting for us, they just work to earn.

People have finally started to realize that our education system needs some major changes. Something is better than nothing. We have actually seen some changes made into our education system. Like introduction of extra curricular activities, promoting sports activities and making the children participate and show interest in things other than studies.

It’s true that most of the things we study today in our schools won’t be useful in our daily life but still we gotta study all of them. It’s a thing that all of us are supposed to do. Due to the huge population of India not everyone can be judged individually that’s why we give exams to show our caliber and then we are judged on the marks we get.

I just want to say that children shouldn’t be judged only on the basis of marks. Children comprise of a lot of things and marks are only one of them. You cannot hope every child to top in the exams. Everyone is different in this world. Everyone have their own strong points and area of expertise. There is a lot more in students other than marks. Helps them to discover themselves. That way it will work out the best for everyone.

There is a lot to discuss about the Indian education system which we will do in the later upcoming blogs. 

Just keep on working hard and enjoy your life.

Alright then guys that’s it for today’s blog. I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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