Alright so why curiosity is important and what exactly being curious means? Curiosity is having a desire to know something or someone. It's like you are eager to know stuff which is going around you or in the world. 

Curiosity is critical to your success because it signals a hungry mind. If you show interest in learning things around you then you're open to new experiences. Being curious means that you try to reach the root of things which means that your base is strong. Having a strong base of knowledge help you to generate more original ideas and produce simple solutions to complex situations.

By every second passing in our lives we learn something different. Our thought-process, mindset and all that kind of stuff always keeps on tweaking up some changes in itself. Curiosity urges us to explore everything around us but do you think that everything around us is worth being curious about? Now this is a very debatable statement. 

See it all depends on who we are and what do we want to achieve as our final goal. If we are a free person with lots of time to spare, we can care about what's happening in politics, what's happening in my neighbourhood and stuff like that. But if you are a busy person then you gotta prioritize your curiosity because you can only devote time to the stuff which helps you achieve your goals.

Some stuff about curiosity-: 

1) Curiosity makes you a more interesting person- Curious people have more interesting and on the top active minds. By now you might've heard it like 1000 times that the more you train you brain, the more powerful it becomes. People learn things fast as hell if they are curious about that certain topic.

Somehow develop some kind of curiosity in a kid about the chapter he/she is going to study next and watch them having a strongwill to master that certain topic. 

2) There's a link between intelligence, emotion and curiosity- Like your mind gets curious in which kind of directions. How does your mind tries to reach curiosity of a certain thing.

3) Curious people have better Social Relationships- We all value curiosity in our friendships. If people are curious about you then they will always offer advises to you and will care about your happiness and you.

Advantages of being curious-

1) Curiosity helps us survive

2) Curious people are happier

3) Curiosity boosts achievement

4) Curiosity can expand our empathy

5) Curiosity improves healthcare

6) Curiosity helps strengthen relationships

In short, curiosity keeps your mind hungry for knowledge which helps you learn something new everyday. It's a strength which builds up a desire to gain knowledge. 

Enjoy your time because it isn't going to come back. Work too and enjoy too. Make many memories with your loved ones, keep your body completely fit, have fun and keep on living. Also, keep up your curiosity alive throughout your life. Live it your own way.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :


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