How To Be a Good Human

 How To Be a Good Human

Alright so, what's the most basic idea that comes into your mind when you hear the word "good human being?" Is it as imagining a person with amazing manners, polite voice and the one who sees everyone equally and treats them equally too, stuff like that? Well you're somewhat correct. This topic is a very difficult one to write on.

Everyone have their personal preferences about whom they are going to consider as a good human being. As I say everyone is built different in this world. A good person for one isn't surely supposed to be considered good by the other one. Still there are some common points which can be accepted by everyone to be considered as some of the qualities of a good human.

Here you go-

1) Understand yourself. Try to find out who you are and what you are.

2) Learn to forgive and let go of anger. Learn to control your feelings.

3) Learn to understand the situation and act accordingly to get the best outcome.

4) Accept responsibilities and complete them. You need to accept whatever you do.

5) Be a good listener and learn to be polite. 

6) Learn to respect yourself and others.

7) Be Honest and be true to yourself.

8) Don't make excuses.

9) Be positive and try to keep the environment around you positive too.

10) Always be ready to help the people in need. 

11) Always complement others on what they achieve. 

12) Care about the people around you.

13) Be Kind and always spread love

14) Stop comparing yourself to others, accept who you are.

15) Always enjoy your life and stay happy.

16) Be True to yourself, always keep on improving yourself and work towards your goal to achieve it.

17) Be frank and passionate.

18) Socialise and make lots of good friends.

Well these above written lines are pretty common and I am sure that you've already come across them more than a thousand number of times. These lines are pretty basic right? Well that's what makes you a good human. You think that this is pretty basic stuff but these are the only things required to reach closer to your aim of becoming a good human being.

Try to follow them in your real life and observe that can you actually even follow them up for a single day continuously? It's not easy to change our personalities. I won't say it's impossible but I won't either say that it’s easy. It's into that semi-impossible category I guess.

In short, just be who you are with an addition of an etiquette to value other people too, care about them and keep the people around you happy. 

Find a reason for which you think you should exist in this world and in the process try to become the reason for which others too should exist. The choices of your life lie in your own hands and that's why don't be scared to act in the way you want to. You are in this world to satisfy yourself, not to satisfy others.

It's also important to spend time with yourself, try to understand yourself, find your hobbies and areas of interest. Make memories with your family, friends and yourself. The time you spend on your relationship also enhances the bond between you and your loved ones. According to me, time is never enough because there are so many things to do in this world. That's why learn to prioritize things and never regret your decision. Do physical exercise to keep your body fit to live your life a bit more fearlessly. In short, keep everything balanced.

Time is something which is going to end for every single one of us. All of us are going to run out of time at some point in our life. Yes, it's pretty sad but it's the truth. All of us are going to leave this world someday. It really makes me cry that someday we will just vanish from this world and we won't even know that we are dead, we won't know what happened to our loved ones after that, how the world progresses, etc. That's why try to live a happy and regretless life which you've dreamed of. Fulfill your dreams, make lots of memories with your loved ones and enjoy a lot. Just try to understand the true value of life yourself and you'll be good to go.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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