How To Write a Good Blog

How To Write a Good Blog

Alright so....... "How To Write a Good Blog" is a debatable topic. We're writing these blogs for the people out there. Basically we are providing them our own views in the form of text. Everyone in this world is built different. Some people would accept a thing while other one would reject it simply because everyone has their own personal opinions about various stuff.

You should never ever copy someone's way of doing things. Do your stuff the way you like to do it. Yeah, learning up and gaining experience from others work is a different thing but just going ahead and entirely copying it is something which you must avoid because trust me, it will kill your imagination completely. 

Choose up any platform like Blogger, Wordpress, Wixsite or any other which suits you for writing up your blogs.

I'll show you some things which I keep in my mind while writing my blogs. Even though I am a beginner, I am sure that they will be worth your read. Here you go-

1) Try to make a bond with your reader. Make them feel like they are talking directly to the person rather than reading up some stationary feelingless text.

2) Add feelings in your blogs. Nowhere in the world it is written that you are supposed to write blogs formally. You are sharing your own experience about a specific stuff, that's why write it in whatever way you are comfortable and confident.

3) Experiment with different formats for your blogs. Experiment with different introductions, paragraph and endings.

4) Somehow try to make your text interesting. Don't end up just giving piles of text to the reader because they will just make them bored. Keep it short, to the point and interesting.

5) Take time to decide your topics, don't just pick up anything and start throwing your hands on the keyboard. Research thoroughly and then start writing on it.

6) Outline all the stuff you are going to cover about that certain thing in your blog. Write all of them on a page and then arrange them accordingly to their turn in the text.

7) Always read your blog twice before publishing to correct any mistakes or who knows that some better lines come up in your mind to improve up your blog.

8) In the last reading see if you can do something about the parts which bored you or improve them. Don't make too long blogs. Keep them to the point.

9) Give your blog an awesome ending, make some kind of outro for your blogs.

10) Give it a one final check and then, Submit it ! Don't forget to choose a good title !

-Use up the points above, add some innovation of yours in them and then get to work.

 I'll again say that entirely copying someone won't bring any good to you, it'll only bring harm. Try things your own way and gain experience about stuff your own way and then solve stuff your own way. People oppose the way you do things? Ignore them, let them say whatever they are saying. Don't ignore them, smacketh them........ Well just believe yourself.

If you think you can do it, nothing is wrong in giving it a try because that's how you learn stuff about life. It's all DIY. Try things, learn from your mistakes and redo them until you achieve what you wanted to. Well this wasn't supposed to be a motivation blog but anyways you got it. Take your time, believe on yourself and start writing good blogs.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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