Alright so, in today's world everyone wants new ideas. Someone wants new ideas for business, someone wants new ideas for scientific problems and someone wants ideas to fight global warming, pollution, depletion of natural resources. From a student who wants ideas regarding how to study all the way upto a scientist who wants new ideas for new creations.

So one thing now it’s clear that everyone wants new ideas but is it clear that how do you search for new ideas. Many people try to find out ideas by searching their stuff on Google. But is it the right way to approach for new ideas? I don’t think so. 

Ideas are the key to innovation. Without them, there is an much to execute and because execution is the key to learning, new ideas are necessary for making any kind of improvement. It’s also obvious that ideas alone won’t make innovation happen, as you also need a systematic way of approach to convert that idea into reality.

See, there is a way in which you discover an idea. Genuine ideas aren’t something which you can figure out in a day or two. When you want to solve a certain problem you gotta Devote yourself completely to that problem. See, the problems which you can solve in the best possible way are the ones with which you are familiar. That’s because you’ve suffered because of it for quite a time and you know it’s root cause. That will help you to analyse the situation efficiently and think of a solution effectively.

Some points which you should consider when you’re trying to come up with an idea-:

1) Try to understand the reason for which you want to come up with an idea.

2) Try to find out the root cause of the problem which you want to solve.

3) Analyse skills and areas of expertise of your team as well as yourself, to find out what y’all are actually capable of.

4) Think how you’ll be executing the idea and also think about the after effects of it.

5) Consider all the possible outcomes if you fail.

6) Check everything again and again because it would be a shame if a single mistake lets down your whole project.

7) Try to explain your idea to everyone in the most easy to understand way so that they can understand what you actually want to do without any problem.

8) Find out the reason other than money and fame that why did you come up with this idea.

9) Have a trustworthy team on which you can depend without a doubt.

10) Hope for the best and also be prepared for the worst. Never give up and keep on trying again and again if you have faith on yourself and you believe in your idea. 

Just be real and do things how you do them usually. Don’t try to act your stuff out, just be who you are. Stay calm and be patient because good things take time. Always be ready to accept worthy suggestions and value the reviews you get. Just let go of your ego and you’ll be good to go.

Not to mention, focus on yourself too. Do physical exercise and keep yourself fit and happy. Don’t take pressure above a certain limit. It's also important to spend time with yourself, try to understand yourself, find your hobbies and areas of interest. Make memories with your family, friends and yourself.

Time is something which is going to end for every single one of us. All of us are going to run out of time at some point in our life. Yes, it's pretty sad but it's the truth. All of us are going to leave this world someday. It really makes me cry that someday we will just vanish from this world and we won't even know that we are dead, we won't know what happened to our loved ones after that, how the world progresses, etc. That's why try to live a happy and regretless life which you've dreamed of. Fulfill your dreams, make lots of memories with your loved ones and enjoy a lot. Just try to understand the true value of life yourself and you'll be good to go.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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