Pain’s Speech

 Pain’s Speech

Pain: You asked me why I'm doing all this?

But even if I told you why, I doubt very strongly that the knowledge would change anything at all but let's just say that I take the time to explain it to you. What do you think would happen then? My goal is to fulfill the dream even Jiraya sensei was unable to achieve that is to create peace and bring about justice. Oh I see that is noble of you that would be justice. However what about my family? My friends, my village they suffered the same fate as this village at the hands of you hidden leaf ninja. How's it fair to let only you people preach about peace and justice once the land of fire and the hidden leaf had grown too big to protect the national interests. They forced feudal clans to wage war against each other and profited from it otherwise the people of the villages would've starved as it happened our little nation and its villages became the battlefield where the great nations waged through war each time they did our nation was ravaged and laid to waste after many such battles the great nations stabilized but our smaller nation suffered and barely recovered. You and I are both seeking the very same thing we both want to achieve the peace that jiraya sensei envisioned, you and I are the same, we’re both motivated by our desire for peace and justice. The justice that I have delivered against the leaf village is no different from what you are trying to do to me. Everyone feels the same pain in losing something dear, you and I both have experience that same pain. You strive for your justice and I strive for mine we’re both just ordinary men who have been driven to seek vengeance in the name of justice and if comes call vengeance justice such justice will only breed further vengeance and trigger a vicious cycle of hatred, right now we live in such a cycle. I know the past and can foretell our future it is the same as our history so we believe that Human beings simply cannot understand each other and they never will that the shinobi world is ruled by hatred and hatred alone. So naruto how would u confront this hatred in order to create peace? I want to know what your answer…..


  1. Just joking this Speech of his in the anime got mt goosebumps

  2. i sent this all to my friend in text lamo

  3. damn that a hell of a speech...not bad


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