Fast-Forward Time

 Fast-Forward Time

Alright so, what is childhood? It was our time when we were small. Yeah, we were once small too. Can we go back to being a kid to recheck? Nope. Still, the truth is that we too were kids at some period in time. Childhood is the time of enjoyment or I should say that it was. It ain't coming back but it gave us all a lot of memories right? 

Time ain't a playboy. It only plays in one direction. In short, time is only linear and yeah we're keeping the science stuff aside. No one jumps and says that we can time travel, I'll throw up my research on time travel later too. Time isn't coming back for anyone.

Remember those stress-free days? When we could've done whatever we wanted to and we didn't even have to clean up our mess after that. We acted freely according to our will without any responsibilities. We made plans and used to start working on them without having to care for the time or checking up any schedules. Can we do something like that now? I doubt.

When we ask for free time, it's not like that we don't get it but we're always told that "Do School first, get a good college and then you'll get a lot of free time." And finally when we're done with school and search for that free time in college we're told "Focus on College first, get a good job and then you'll get a lot of free time" then we're told to work hard on job and the cycle just goes on for various stuff. 

Want me to generalise an average human life? Well, here you go-

Step 1- Take birth

Step 2- Study hard in school so that you can get a good college

Step 3- Study hard at college so that you can get a good job

Step 4- Then get some job and do good at job to get promotions

Step 5- Do more good to get more promotions

And my friends that's how time flies.......... Basically you went from the age of 1 to approximately 25 in just 5 steps. Obviously there's a lot of stuff which we do in between but that's what we devote our lives to. After that marriage and stuff happens, take care of your kids, etc , etc and time flies off even faster and boom you're into 40-50 age category and the cycle continues till it breaks.

The main problem is that the free time we get is stressful too because those things about studies and stuff are still in there and they'll be coming back to us tomorrow. We didn't get rid of them and that's why they still haunt us somewhere in our minds. 

That's what the reason is for which we don't get the satisfied with the free time and enjoyment we get between these phases according to me. Also in teenage, we are new born wild birds with wings we don't know how to use correctly and we can't keep on going for asking advices from other people who've already been through those situations. We gotta make those mistakes ourselves and learn from them in our own way. We gotta live life according to us, not according to others.

Time is something which is going to end for every single one of us. All of us are going to run out of time at some point in our life. Yes, it's pretty sad but it's the truth. All of us are going to leave this world someday. It really makes me cry that someday we will just vanish from this world and we won't even know that we are dead, we won't know what happened to our loved ones after that, how the world progresses, etc. That's why try to live a happy and regretless life which you've dreamed of. Fulfill your dreams, make lots of memories with your loved ones and enjoy a lot. Just try to understand the true value of life yourself and you'll be good to go.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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