Male and Female Friends

Male And Female Friends

Alright so, male and female friends. What do you think about that? Like what do you think about this bond? Because most of the people misunderstand it and sometimes even the male and the female in that bond of friendship misunderstand each other. I think you understand what I mean by that, right? 

You can be friends with anyone you want, no one is supposed to judge you on this basis. It's your own life, you don't let anyone else to decide with whom you'll stay or with whom you wanna be. Just like how freedom-full it sounds but you gotta be careful about this too... This world is full of lovely things as well as dangers too. You have to enjoy the lovely moments and be a bit careful around the dangerous parts. Choose what's right for you yourself.

Well I have a question for y'all, how do you want your friend circle to be? Like, I would love to have a friend circle comprising of energizing, innovative both boys and girls in equal ratio, yeah it seems a bit unreal an on top of that, I would like to confess that I am very shy in talking to girls. It is what is. 

To be honest I've had female friends too and it's actually fun. We went to national science exhibition, we had fun in labs while preparing for exhibitions. Everyone together enjoyed so much. Our current  generation is already getting quite aware of these old things like girls and boys can't be friends and stuff like that. 

From my point of view having friends from both genders is a better than just having your friend circle in just any one of them. Some things can’t be explained, just like I don’t know how to explain the feelings you share in such a friend circle of equal gender ratio. The best I can say that it’s full of fun of the fun. 

One thing I like about this are the fights. Well I guess it’s obviously clear to everyone that whenever a friendly fight or a actual fight happens between boys, no one holds back and everyone just goes all out which sometimes can be dangerous too but in case of friendly fights between boys and girls, I find them very cute. Like seriously, they are just soooo cute to me because you already know that both of them are holding back to not make the situation way beyond worse. No one gets beaten like hell (mostly). Those moments when both of them just try to make the other one quiet is just so cute to me and I just love to fight like that or witness it.

In short, these moments of friendship are very enjoyable and rememberable. Having a best friends is one of the most important gift from the God for you, that's why always care for each other and also keep on fighting with each other too, because those fights are gonna eventually turn into memories. One more important thing, never ever show any kind of ego in front of your friends because trust me it damages the bond in a very negative way. Think of your friends as a blessing for you. Cherish all your friends and make as many memories as possible with them. You’ll love it and won’t regret it ever.

Either male or female, take care of your friends equally and don’t become a simp because you know gender equality is a thing right? Just be who you are and if you’ll deserve it, you’ll get it. It’s as simple as that. And I think that you guys already know that if a girl talks to you nicely and stuff like that doesn’t mean she’s interested you in that way and blah blah blah.

Stay positive, always care for your loved ones and never let go the people who love you, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, NEVER LET THEM GO. Spend time with them, make memories with them, do something good for the world, be a good human. I request everyone to spread love in this world rather than hate and sadness. Together we can surely change this world. That's why people please care for each other. Never cheat someone. No matter what anyone says, never ever lose your feelings. Stay emotional in this world. Be yourself, don’t lose yourself in order to become someone else. That’s the true way to live a life.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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