Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quotes

1) If you are tired learn to rest, not to quit

2) A good team is important

3) Aspire to inspire before we expire

4) Die with memories, not dreams

5) Don't be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened

6) Divert the path of your life to success yourself

7) You can, just figure out how you will

8) Take the risk or lose the chance

9) Anything can happen anytime, stay prepared

10) Impossible is for the unwilling

11) Try again, fall again, fail lesser

12) Give your life a wonderful meaning

13) Find your purpose or make one

14) The goal is to be happy

15) Every moment is a fresh beginning

16) School life is a precious gem, the value of which we only understand when it ends

17) Treat everyone with love and respect

18) Learn to spread love in your own way

19) Quit waiting and start acting

20) Aim for the best

21) Expect nothing, appreciate everything

22) You get what you deserve

23) When things change inside you, things change around you 

24) The distance between dream and reality is called action

25) One day or day one, you decide


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