Offensive Language

 Offensive Language

Alright so, let's be honest, mostly everyone uses offensive language. Even if someone doesn't speak it up, it's being aimed towards people in their mind. See there's no problem in using offensive language if the situation allows it because in the end they are just words. If you don't know the meaning of those words then you won't even find them offensive.

It all depends on if you know about them or not. Well, the twist is that only those swearing words aren't referred to as offensive language. If we carefully read the title, it says "Offensive Language". Which means anything we say, if it's found offensive by the people listening to us, it can be referred as offensive language.

For example, mocking someone for not walking properly, for not being rich, stuff like that. Obviously if you'll say such things to someone they'll find it offensive and they'll feel hurt and sad. Their emotions will be hurt. 

Offending someone with consent is a different thing, like when we are with our friends, we literally make fun of each other so much and everyone laughs and that's because we're all friends to begin with. We aren't strangers, all of us have given their consent for this making fun of each other thing and none of us will mind it. Too that also there are limits which shouldn't be crossed because then it'll only bring harm to the friendship.

Similarly like that you gotta know your limits when you're dealing with strangers. Remember that whenever a person we don't know speaks to us, we always tend to listen to them carefully and yes, we're serious while doing so because you don't expect a stranger to be cracking jokes right out of the box in most of the cases.

So if you say anything that has a chance of hurting them, it'll hurt them more than usual if a stranger says it. That's why keep yourself calmed in public places. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives and everyday life. So, if there's ever a mishappening in public, stay calm and sort out your stuff peacefully because trust me, if you'll say anything offensive to them at that moment in public, they'll be a lot embarrassed and then they'll remember that incident for a long time and will keep on getting sad due to it. 

Be respectful towards everyone, just remember how you would've felt if someone would've behaved with you in that same way. It's worth to care about the feelings of other people sometimes too.

Our opinions are just a way to control things around us in the manner we want them to. It won't be entirely wrong to say that our opinion are there to satisfy ourselves. You gotta respect to earn respect, that's how simply how it is.

Stay happy and keep on loving yourself and the others around you. Keep on spreading happiness.

Alright then guys that’s it for today’s blog. I hope my blog was helpful to you. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :) 


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