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School System

  School System Alright so, what are schools to us? Why do we go to schools? What do we wanna achieve there? Isn’t it just a trend to go to school as soon as you turn 3 or 4 yr old. Well we go to school in order to gain knowledge, right? We go to school so that we can develop ourselves. All these types  of reasons can be stated.  Anyone can say that we go to school to study different subjects, to gain knowledge and stuff like that but in the end we all know that the main motive of going to school is to go into college and then the main aim of going into the college is to get a good job. So in the end it all sums up to gaining some good amount of money. And it’s totally fine because that’s just how this world works. That’s something everyone wants and yeah  money is important . Wanna know how this world works? You enter this world You go to school You go to college You get a job You get married You get kids You retire from your job Damn, game's over And yeah obviously in between the

Helping Others

  Helping Others Alright so, all of us for sure must’ve helped someone ever. We do feel good after helping out people right? First of all let’s try to understand what is the actual meaning and depth of this term “helping others.” The act of a person or a thing that helps. Helping others is not only good for the people we do it for, neither it’s just a good thing to do. Rather it makes us happier and healthier too and yeah, its all scientifically proven. Doesn‘t everyone feel good after helping out someone in need of it? It helps us connect to others, creating stronger bonds between everyone which helps up to build a community and a happier society for everyone. Helping others is not only about money. We can also give our time, ideas and energy for the sake of others.  The people we help may be either our family, friends, neighbours or even strangers. Even though our help may be small or unplanned, doing thing for others is a powerful way to increase our own happiness. They can be young

Importance Of Money

  Importance Of Money We all use money in our daily lives for different purposes, right? Ever thought what is this whole deal of making money about? Basically the answer to this question depends on various different things for various different people like what’s their lifestyle, materialistic needs, interests and stuff like that.    You would’ve often heard people saying that money isn’t the most important thing in the world, happiness is. Yeah, it’s true to some extent but money is the thing which can actually help you in increasing the value of that already existing happiness of yours. Money is not everything, but it certainly is something very important.    See money in itself is not that much spectacular or awesome. What money can actually achieve and do for us is important. Basically this is what makes money special. Money gives you freedom and choices.That’s the true value of money. It’s more than just a materialistic thing.   Money is like the sense which lets you enjoy other 5

Human Limitations

  Human Limitations Alright so, ever thought what human limitations refer to? Have you ever experienced your own limitations? For example, if you’re running on a track, there’s a certain amount of time for which you can run and after that you’ll be tired, that’s your physical limitation. Just like that imagine that you’re studying, even in this case you have a certain amount of time for which you can concentrate on your work, that’s your mental limitation.  So what we can conclude from this is that humans have two kinds of major limitations, one is physical limitation and the other one is mental limitation. What we’ll be discussing about mostly in this blog will be mental limitations because it's the most important one. Well, what’s the idea of this limits thing for us as a human in general. The idea of limits is not overdo it or invest too few of our resources into a specific thing. There is an optimal amount of investment needed for everything we do in life. If we invest more, we

Life Lessons & Life Advices

  Life Lessons Life Lessons and Life Advices from someone who has already lived most of his life -: 1) Have a firm handshake 2) Look people in the eye 3) Sing in the shower 4) Own a great stereo system 5) Keep secrets 6) Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference 7) Avoid sarcastic remarks a bit 8) Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come 90% of all your happiness or misery 9) Make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out 10) Never deprive someone of hope, it might be all that they have 11) When playing with children let them win sometimes 12) Learn to give people a second chance but not a third 13) It’s ok to be romantic 14) Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know 15) Don’t allow your phone to interrupt  the important moments. 16) Be a good loser 17) Be a good winner 18) Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret 19) When someone hugs you, let them be the first one to go 20) B

Ideas For YouTube Channel

Ideas For YouTube Channel So here are some Ideas for your new YouTube Channel -: 1. Unboxing 2. Tech & gadget review 3. Life hacks 4. Fail compilations 5. Top list 6. Health & fitness tips 7. World of local news 8. Motivational Videos 9. Food & restaurant review 10. Cooking ideas  11. Kitchen hacks 12. How to create videos 13. Prank & spoof 14. Makeup & beauty 15. Comic & superhero 16. Travel vlogging 17. Dash & security cams 18. Comedy 19. Fashion & style tips 20. Haircut & hairstyle videos  21. City tour 22. Horror videos 23. Sports 24. Parody 25. Trailer & movie reaction 26. DIY crafts 27. Sketching tutorials 28. Music tutorials 29. Dance tutorials 30. Time lapse 31. Pets & animals 32. Baby videos 33. Investing tutorials 34. Book review 35. Advertising tips 36. Magic tricks 37. Destruction videos 38. Lifestyle advice 39. Grading tips 40. Animated stories 41. Meditation tutorials 42. Yoga tutorials 43. Viral challenges 44. Educational video