Human Limitations

 Human Limitations

Alright so, ever thought what human limitations refer to? Have you ever experienced your own limitations? For example, if you’re running on a track, there’s a certain amount of time for which you can run and after that you’ll be tired, that’s your physical limitation. Just like that imagine that you’re studying, even in this case you have a certain amount of time for which you can concentrate on your work, that’s your mental limitation. 

So what we can conclude from this is that humans have two kinds of major limitations, one is physical limitation and the other one is mental limitation. What we’ll be discussing about mostly in this blog will be mental limitations because it's the most important one.

Well, what’s the idea of this limits thing for us as a human in general. The idea of limits is not overdo it or invest too few of our resources into a specific thing. There is an optimal amount of investment needed for everything we do in life. If we invest more, we’re wasting our resources or hurting ourselves. If we invest less than necessary, things don’t go into the direction we want. 

Mentally we’re not that much limited to do things, it’s just us holding ourselves down, basically we ourselves are limiting ourselves. Self-imposed limitations are shackles that hold us down and prevent us from achieving our potential. When a person sets a limit, he or she never tries to evolve beyond their self-imposed standards, even if they’re fully capable of doing so.  It’s not like that you have to think infinitely, as I said there’s an optimal amount.

If you don’t know your boundaries, taking care of yourself, treating your body and mind with respect will likely prove to be illusional goals. You have to define to yourself that what exactly is too far you or what exactly is too less for you in order to know how much you can achieve without negatively affecting our mental health. Either you won’t be running in a race or you will be running in a race without a finish line which’ll just make you tired and all that hard work of yours will go to waste because you didn’t achieve anything by it.

It’s not like that once we set our limits, its set forever. After we know what we’re capable of, we try to push ourselves to the limits and try to overcome them to keep on performing better gradually. It’s not like we can devote to everything equally. Our interest in a certain we are doing also matters because that’s what will determine how much we are devoting ourselves. On a broader expect it’s said that no one likes to study but everyone loves to play games. It’s not like no one likes to study, our interest depends on what we are studying.

Just like that, unless we have an interest in that certain thing we are doing, we won’t be able to give our best. Just some motivation won’t do the work. You need to somehow develop a genuine interest in that certain thing, either you can enjoy the process of it, the outcome of it, the feel of it or anything like that. 

You gotta love what you do if you want to achieve something, you can still achieve that certain of a thing by forcing yourself into it but I don’t think that it would be worth that much then. The aim of today's generation is to make things as simple as possible and easy. We are a generation of minimalists. We want the best available in the most easy and cheapest way.  Once you've made a certain decision don't regret it. If you can improve on it, it's amazing but still you can't change the fact that you took that certain choice. The more experience we will gain, the better choices we’ll be making the next time.

It’s just us against us. There’s no need to compare yourself to someone else. Everyone in this world is built different. Everyone has a different mindset, thought process, way of doing things and stuff like that. That’s why no one else is your competitor, you gotta compete with yourself with an aim that yeah, I'll atleast become better than what I was yesterday. Plan out your stuff and then execute it too. Keep the hope alive as long as you are giving it your all.

In the end, there's too much to do and learn in this world and our life might be a bit short to do so. Keep on giving yourself breaks so that you don’t burnout yourself. Spend time with yourself, your loved ones, try to understand people around you. Make many beautiful memories with your loved ones. Care for everyone, have a lot of friends. Enjoy this life as much as you can. Keep on searching for balance between work and enjoyment and choose the one which works the best for you. Keep on developing. Try to live as much of a regretless life as you can. Be as much productive as you can and try to make the most out of your time. Love your life guys, it's the most valuable asset you are ever going to own.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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