School System

 School System

Alright so, what are schools to us? Why do we go to schools? What do we wanna achieve there? Isn’t it just a trend to go to school as soon as you turn 3 or 4 yr old. Well we go to school in order to gain knowledge, right? We go to school so that we can develop ourselves. All these types  of reasons can be stated. 

Anyone can say that we go to school to study different subjects, to gain knowledge and stuff like that but in the end we all know that the main motive of going to school is to go into college and then the main aim of going into the college is to get a good job. So in the end it all sums up to gaining some good amount of money. And it’s totally fine because that’s just how this world works. That’s something everyone wants and yeah money is important.

Wanna know how this world works?

  • You enter this world
  • You go to school
  • You go to college
  • You get a job
  • You get married
  • You get kids
  • You retire from your job
  • Damn, game's over
And yeah obviously in between these processes you make memories. Cuz yeah, memories are important. 

Alright so, without getting anymore diverted from the topic lets get back on the track.

I gave this blog a topic “School System” for what reason? Because that’s the thing on which I’ll be giving my views today. As my school life is on the brink of it’s end. I guess I am qualified enough to open my mouth on this topic. I stayed in the same school from the beginning but I did change my school for 11th and 12th which indeed wasn’t that much of a good decision for me but nevermind on that.

So I went to school, obviously to learn stuff. As much as I remember my school life from 1-10th class it was good experience and I think it would’ve continued to be good if this covid thing wouldn’t have shown up. Enough talk regarding my memories now.

So what I wanna say is that the current education system in schools, especially in India, somewhere or the other fails to bring the best out in the kids. The mindset of majority of the Indian teachers lack that passion to deliver that fun and joy of studies into students. Everyone knows that studying is important to get a college and job. Still some people don’t study that much. Why’s so? Because they don’t find studying interesting.

And please for the people who’re just gonna say that its the responsibility of kid to develop interest in studies by themselves then why are we even going to schools, why not just study from our homes. Its teacher’s responsibility to guide a student, not just blabber over them to get good marks. They gotta start teaching with a passion, not just to get their pay.

The people who are teachers today were students too at some point of time. Did they ever thought of providing kids with the stuff they hoped to get in their childhood but couldn’t get? Did they ever thought of providing the fun they missed in their childhood to the current children? Leave over all this stuff aside, did they even just tried to improve the way children look at teachers? I am worried that the answer is no.

I mean as a student, I myself just wanted them to be a bit more friendlier, so that the teacher-student bond can be maintained mutually. Sadly that happened only with one of my teacher, I don’t think he’ll mind if I write off his a name here. His name is Harpreet Singh. Hands down, the best teacher I’ve seen till now. He’s a teacher whose class I can attend anytime anywhere. The sad part is that he’s the only teacher who’s like that. Rest are just default mode teachers.

There are a lot of things which I can state here regarding improvements in teachers but there are somethings on which we, as students should too improve on. I guess I’ll leave that part onto you guys only, find out the stuff you gotta improve on by yourself because you all know yourself better. 

Everyone is different in this world. Everyone has a different mindset, thought process, ambitions and stuff like that. Teachers gotta identify that and ffs we gotta stop this marks comparison thing of marks.  I get it that it is important to maintain a competition between students but the way they do it just makes it a negative competition. Never ever judge someone solely on the basis of their marks. Value everyone and treat everyone kindly.

As students we can just hope that someday things will improve than the way they currently are…… Schools gotta stop valuing grades only and gotta start bringing out the good in students. School life is something too important, that’s why we gotta make it worth it too. 

There’s a lot more still to be discussed so I’ll drop off the link to the second part here if I upload it. Here it is- School System- 2

 In the end, there's too much to do and learn in this world and our life might be a bit short to do so. It's ok to give breaks to yourself. Spend time with yourself, your loved ones, try to understand people around you. Make many beautiful memories with your loved ones. Care for everyone, have a lot of friends. Enjoy this life as much as you can. Keep on searching for balance between work and enjoyment and choose the one which works the best for you. Keep on developing. Try to live as much of a regretless life as you can. Be as much productive as you can and try to make the most out of your time. Love your life guys, it's the most valuable asset you are ever going to own.

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


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