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School System- 2

  School System- 2 Alright so I hope that if you’re here then you’ve already read the first part of this blog. If not then here’s the link for it-  School System part-1 . Make sure to read it before you continue with this one. Let’s start with this part now.  So, what else do you expect from schools? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comment section below !  From what I believe schools should introduce a element of bit of a frankness in students towards the school. They shouldn’t feel like they are forced to go to school, it should be like that they themselves want to go to school. I know that what I am saying are pretty basic things and everyone’s been saying this from quite a time. Well yeah but have been we able to make these “pretty basic looking things” happen?  See, school life is something, whose value you only understand when its over. We keep on dreaming that how good our college life will be in our schools and yeah its totally fine. I think college life is pretty fun