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My School Life

  My School Life Alright so, by each day passing, my school life is coming nearer to the end. So much has happened and much more is still left to happen. I am still 16yr old till now and I am in 12th. I don’t know where to begin from so let’s go random. As for now, I still haven’t talked to the person I like in my school which is just too sad. I don’t know why but seriously I feel too shy in front of her :’) I literally see her everyday in my school but still cant make myself talk to her…Let’s hope I manage to talk to her soon otherwise she’s just gonna disappear and I know that I’ll be regretting it too much. Rest my school life till now has been good. I didn’t make that many friends and even from the ones I made most of them left me, but yeah I still have the real ones by my side and I am happy for it. As far as studies go, I wasn’t either too good or bad, I was just above average I guess maybe.  I was in the same school from the beginning which was DAV. Not gonna lie, made some pret

People Around Us

  People Around Us Alright so, there are so many people around us, right? How do we refer to those people…? We call them strangers, why do we so? Because we don’t know them. We don’t know how they behave, how they react, how they perceive things, what’s their mindset, thought process and much more stuff like that. It’s true too that we can guess a person’s personality till a certain extent by observing their body language and eyes. But still y’all would agree that it’s not that much of a information about that person to rely on. Well y’all would be wondering why am I talking on this topic and what do I even want to define here.  Well I think we should try to understand strangers in a bit more better way than we already do, the more we can understand them, the more better it will be for us. I am saying this because the people we know today too were strangers for us at some point of time in our lives. Today some of them are even our best friends because they’re compatible with us. They u