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  Life Alright so, let me just ask a question to y’all, what’s the meaning of life to you…? Like how would you define life? It’s important to know the meanings of things you’re into right? For me life means my existence with the people I love, making lots of memories with them, having fun with them and to provide lots of love to them. And by the way I’ll suggest you to continue reading it with some light smooth music or whatever you like. Everyone’s different in this world, that’s why everyone can have a different meaning of life to them. But the one thing which stays common for all of us is that the meaning of life changes for everyone as time passes because you gain experience and your perception for things change. The way you feel, the way you react and the way you see the world, everything changes.  Having bonds to care for, loving people, hating people, trusting people, expecting from the ones you love, interacting with people and many more other things proves that you are alive.