Alright so, let me just ask a question to y’all, what’s the meaning of life to you…? Like how would you define life? It’s important to know the meanings of things you’re into right? For me life means my existence with the people I love, making lots of memories with them, having fun with them and to provide lots of love to them. And by the way I’ll suggest you to continue reading it with some light smooth music or whatever you like.

Everyone’s different in this world, that’s why everyone can have a different meaning of life to them. But the one thing which stays common for all of us is that the meaning of life changes for everyone as time passes because you gain experience and your perception for things change. The way you feel, the way you react and the way you see the world, everything changes. 

Having bonds to care for, loving people, hating people, trusting people, expecting from the ones you love, interacting with people and many more other things proves that you are alive. Alone you can’t actually confirm that you exist. Because when you use the word “confirm” its meant for someone other than you. 

Your relationship with others is what forms you as a person. Finding yourself on your own and topics of Self love & Self Importance are a different thing. Hear me out, its better when you have trustworthy and lovely people around you who care for you rather than just being alone. Your meaning of living is what matters. Love your way of life!

We all have someone in our lives whom we love and like a lot. Obviously we love our parents and our family members. But I am talking about the case in which we find our love in strangers. It might be our friends or maybe someone with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives. Even though you love someone, there’s always a possibility where they don’t feel about you the same way you do for them. 

Maybe your mindset, thought process or vibes aren’t aligned and aren’t looking in the same direction. What do you do in this case? You try to spend some time together so that you can get to know each other well. That’s how relations work right…? Somewhat you’ll adjust for them and somewhat they will adjust for you. If things work out between you, then congratulations! And if they don’t, atleast you can always try to stay as friends by each other’s side because you loved them once, right…?

In life, currently wherever we stand, isn’t a coincidence. It’s result of the choices we’ve made till now by consuming our precious time which’ve led us to currently where we are and how we are.  

Past is a beautiful thing, it reminds us of where we’ve been and which path we took to reach up here. But you know… every passing moment marks the beginning of a new moment. And those moments which are passing ain’t gonna come back to us. They’re gone. You can look at the past, think about the past but you cannot act to change the past, rather you can obviously learn from the mistakes you’ve made in your past and act according to them to create a better future for yourself, but you can’t act back.

That’s why take the risk you want to. Do the stuff you’re interested in. Reach out to the person you like. Obviously things might not go right out of the box, but what’s wrong in atleast trying to make them right. There’s nothing wrong in trying to do so if you actually love whatever you’re doing. For the sake of your own self, if you’re dedicated to devote yourself, then just go for it. 

Don’t give up just because things aren’t working out for you. You gotta make them work. That’s what life is, you gotta work to make things work for you the way you want them to…

People around you affect your life a lot. Every person holds a special value in someone else’s life. The power of being able to make someone happy merely just because of your presence is too valuable. That’s why make sure to never misuse it. No matter what happens, never ever leave behind the people who actually care for you because they’re special and valuable.

Try to feel and understand the meaning of human warmth. You can be happy, in pain, sad, lonely, full of joy or in some other feeling. But just don't be dead inside. Have some meaning to your life which can drive you through these difficult and wobbly parts of life. No one knows when’s their last day, who knows if it’s tomorrow, who knows if its today? 

Every day is worth the same as any other, every minute, every second is worth the same as any other. What you did or didn’t doesn’t change its worth. Every moment is special, that’s why never forget to value and cherish it. 

It’s just us against us. There’s no need to compare yourself to someone else. Everyone in this world is built different. Everyone has a different mindset, thought process and way of doing things. That’s why no one else is your competitor, you gotta compete with yourself with an aim that yeah, I'll atleast become better than what I was yesterday. Plan out your stuff and then execute it too. Keep the hope alive as long as you are giving it your all. 

In the end, there's too much to do and learn in this world and our life might be a bit short to do so. Keep on giving yourself breaks so that you don’t burnout yourself. Spend time with yourself, your loved ones, try to understand people around you. Make many beautiful memories with your loved ones. Care for everyone, have a lot of friends. Enjoy this life as much as you can. Keep on searching for balance between work and enjoyment and choose the one which works the best for you. Keep on developing. Try to live as much of a regretless life as you can. Be as much productive as you can and try to make the most out of your time. Love your life guys, it's the most valuable asset you are ever going to own.

It’ll be really appreciable if y’all to comment down your opinions because this is something about which everyone carries a different mindset. 

Alright then guys that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog. See you guys in the next blog and See ya for now :)


  1. I love these words with great words comes great responsibility ❤😊🙌🏽and i love it

  2. Honestly , this was less about life and more about understanding of human nature , relations etc. I feel like if most of the teens or even adults have this type of thinking within themselves and this skill of deeply understanding others then most of the problems like racism , lgbtq , religious issues can be solved by people only rather than govt.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing the blog... I totally agree with your views and that's why you can share it further with your friends too if you're fine with that !

  3. Great thinking ����

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info!! It is so appreciated!!!


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