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  Youth Alright so guys, what do you guys understand by youth? Youth is that time of life when we’re young. Basically its the period between childhood and maturity, the period between adolescence and maturity. It’s the time in which you shape yourself, you grow, you feel emotions and develop to face the outside world by yourself.  People always realise the value of things after they lose them and that’s somewhat is the case with their youth too. We realise the value and the beauty of this crucial period of our lives only when its gone. Remember that no human is rich enough to buy back his past and neither will ever be even in the future. Yeah maybe expectations hurt but still you can’t live a life without expecting… This period of our lives follows us to the loss of youth and the daunting realisation of adulthood.  Youth doesn’t go the same way for everyone… Some fail to chase their dreams, some give up on their dreams. Some turns in the wrong direction and stay on the right track to a